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How to Choose the Best British School in Thailand

When young parents move to Thailand, the first thing they look for is where they can send their kids to school. Parents always want the best for their children, and education is perhaps the most important facet of a child’s life that a parent can invest in. Parents also like to send their children to schools that reflect the education they received when they were children. That’s why so many British parents who have moved to Bangkok search for the best Britishschool in Thailand to make sure their children are getting quality, UK-approved education. 

There are many great institutions that could classify as the best British school in Bangkok, and a few of them jockey internally to wear the crown. Ultimately, once you narrow down your list to just a few schools, you can’t really go wrong. That said, there are a few things to consider when you’re making your final decision about which is the best British school in Thailand. 

Check out this list of things to keep in mind when choosing a school.

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EYFS for Little Ones

If you’re a British parent of a young child who has not yet gone to school, you may be unfamiliar with the new British education system. A few years ago, the British government made an overhaul to their education system for young learners, creating a program called the Early Years Foundation Stage program.

Today, in the UK, all young learners advance through the EYFS system before joining a primary school. The program focuses on new learning practices that emphasize well-rounded learning and learning from things like games and experiences. 

When checking for the best British school in Thailand, make sure they are teaching the EYFS system in their lower ages. That way, you know that they are up to date with the best British education tactics.


Thailand has a few major cities that may have good British schools; however, the best British Schools in Thailand are located in Bangkok. But, Bangkok is a massive metropolis that can feel like a small country itself! If you live on the eastern side of the city and the school you are looking at is on the western side, your daily commute to school could take hours.

In your process of choosing a school, consider location and how you will get to the school each day. You don’t want your child wasting their time in a car stuck in traffic. 

University Connections

Finally, one thing you need to consider in the long run is to make sure the school has good university connections. In today’s world, connections are everything, and having the proper inroads to top universities can make a huge difference in where your child goes to university.

Especially since the best British school in Thailand is likely to cost a fair amount of money, it’s important to make sure that they will best set up your child for their future education.