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How to change your GPS location

Pointless to say, GPS is the greatest technology of its time. It contains very important information. Some new dating apps and games have emerged in this modern age. When you use all these apps you have problems and you want solution to keep them going but it is not a small problem. You may need an application toiOS GPS spoofing to make it easy.

Let us explain how to use virtual location for forgery

Part 1: Teleporting anywhere in the world with Dr.Fone virtual location

Teleporting anywhere in the world with Dr.Fone virtual location

Connect your phone to your computer first. Turn on the virtual location and press the start button. You will now find your location in the window.

The “Center Icon” updates your position to the correct GPS.

Click on the third icon in the top corner of the window.  This is to use the teleport. You enter the address of your target and press the “Go” button.

If you want to know the address of any place

If you want to know the address of any place, you can also write the place-name so that it will be easy for you to know.

It does not matter if you are somewhere else and update the GPS location in your phone. The address cannot be changed. You can only see it on your phone.

Part 2: Movement on a route through multiple locations.

If you want to travel from multiple locations on the route, you can select the multi-stop mode so that you can select all the destinations you want to pass through.

A box of popup here indicating your travel limit and how far you can travel.

You go down and press “Move”. Explain how to move back and forth and click “March” to copy.

Your location will now follow your instructions.

Part 3: How to trick GPS movement with keyboard:

Press the start button in the middle then click on the right or left arrow to change the direction you want then press A or D or 4.

Part 4: Find out the location of the iPhone:

If you want to show people the way between two destinations, then with the help of virtual location you can create a fake place and move between two places.

 We will tell you about it. To do these install the IOS spoofer on your PC. After installing spoof you go to your main interface and go to virtual location. Connect your phone to the computer and press “Get Started”

If you can’t find the original location in the window, you can click “Center on” to find your original location.

Here are three ways to design a teleport. You choose the third way to start it and type the location name and tap the “Go”.

A popup box will appear on the screen telling you the distance to the place. Click “Move Here”

Now you have faked GPS in IOS. Now the space in your phone or app apps will show fake.

Final Words:

We hope you understand this process well. And we’ve made you aware of counterfeiting. Let me know more if you need help. We will provide more information about this to you. Thanks