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How Much Off-Road Capability Do You Need for Overlanding?

If you’re preparing for an overlanding adventure, you may be concerned when you compare your rig with some serious off-road rigs around you. Just how much off-road equipment do you really need to enjoy an overlanding trip? Whether you’ve got a fully decked-out truck or simply have a tent on top of Jeep, use this guide to determine the amount of off-road capability you need.

Determine Your Route

It’s all about the journey. That’s true of any overlanding expedition. While part of the thrill of this method of transportation is the unknown destination, it helps to plan out your route at least generally. Are you planning on bombing down every two-track in sight, or are you mostly sticking to two-lane highways and other paved routes? You’re in charge of your route, so choose equipment to match your dream route.

A Smittybilt roof top tent is all you need if you’re going to be staying at campsites and driving on asphalt. If you’re headed for parts unknown and plan to take a few dirt roads, unmarked trails or steep mountain crossings, then check out some essential off-road equipment and auto parts. Don’t leave without the right tent, travel gear and tires to keep your vehicle moving forward.

Check Out Your Tires and Suspension

It all starts where the rubber meets the road. Don’t spin out of control when you hit your first mud pit, but select all-terrain or off-road tires for your overlanding trip. More specialized tires are available for sand, snow or other terrain. Tires are one of the most basic off-road components for any ride, and you can get some rubber with impressive traction for any Jeep, truck or SUV.

As you prepare your gear and load up your vehicle, take a look at your suspension. If you’re sagging more than you’re comfortable with, or if you’re reaching your weight limit, find out how to upgrade your suspension system. Add a lift kit or improved suspension to clear those deep trail ruts or unexpected boulders.

Overlanding vehicles typically aren’t suited for extreme off-road conditions. If you want to go bouldering, you can gear up your Jeep with a killer lift kit and tires. For an overlanding trip, you’re probably going to have too much camping gear packed in to make for a safe bouldering experience.

Gather Your Gear

When you overland, the goal is typically to live off the grid in your vehicle or out of your vehicle. This means that you’ll need some camping gear. You may not need to climb mountains or navigate washed-out lanes, but you will need a safe and comfortable sleeping area in the middle of the wilderness.

Gather the truck overlanding gear you need for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re flying solo or overlanding with friends, prepare the food, water, tent and other camping gear necessary to live on the road and see new sights over land. Don’t let off-roaders fool you into thinking you need all that extreme off-roading gear, but check your tires, suspension and camping gear to prepare for a safe experience wherever you travel.