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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows in Ontario, Canada?

Replacing windows is an important decision for every home. Windows not only create a pleasant look and maintain the style of the house but also serve to ventilate the room, protect it from moisture, dust, insects, and cold. If your window or window frame is damaged, you need to call a specialist immediately. Let’s take a look at the process of replacing windows and its cost in Canada.

Replacement Types

There are two types of window replacement: full window replacement and window replacement.

  • The first type is used when your window frame is damaged and needs replacement. Or you want to replace the material of the window frame, for example, wood with vinyl.
  • The second type is simpler and cheaper. In this case, only the inner window is replaced. This type is used when the frame is in good condition and does not need to be replaced.

What Determines the Cost of Replacing a Window?

Some factors determine the cost of window replacement:

  • Window type
  • Window frame material
  • Damaged or broken glass
  • Rot
  • Sticking window
  • The need to change the type or size of the window frame
  • Specialist working hours

Usually, the most expensive to install and maintain are wooden windows. They expand from temperature and moisture, often cause paint to stick to glass and rot. It is recommended to replace such windows with vinyl ones. They are more energy-efficient and require little maintenance.

Exact Cost

The cost of replacing a window in Ontario depends on the supplier, contractor, complexity of the job, and the remoteness of your home. However, the average cost is about $500 per window, including the work of the specialist. If additional replacement of the frame is required, this will increase the cost by 50-100%.

For the exact cost, consult Vinyl Light. Specify all the necessary parameters and find out the quota within a few minutes.