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How Early Childhood Education Benefits Infants

A child’s early years are instrumental in terms of physical, emotional and cognitive development. It is often said that a baby’s brain is like a sponge, because of the rate at which it can absorb and retain large quantities of new information. The experiences that they are exposed to in these early years has the ability to shape them, for better or for worse.

Because a child’s early years are so crucial, it’s important to nurture infants as much as possible and foster their development. This is why enrolling young children in an infant day care centre in Dural will give them the best start in life.

Keep reading to find out 5 benefits of early childhood education on infants.

Infants will develop better social skills

Early education can help to develop a young child’s social skills, as they will be surrounded by other children their age as well as adults that are not their parents or guardians. This is important because the more socialised a child is early in their life, the easier they will make human connections and the more naturally building relationships will come.

Being exposed to other children and adults will help a young child to understand other people and their emotions, in turn increasing their empathy and consideration. They will also have improved speech and language skills because they are communicating with new people, and this will spark their curiosity.

An infant will have better health

When a young child is enrolled in a good quality early education centre, they will be exposed to things that will improve their health. For example, if the education centre has a big outdoor play area and garden, an infant will reap the rewards of fresh air and sunlight which will increase his or her happiness. Additionally, an education centre may prioritise organic produce and make healthy meals and snacks onsite. If this is the case, an infant will be fed nutritious ingredients, which will not only improve their physical wellbeing but also enhance their brain function. What’s more, by eating healthy foods and understanding what constitutes a balanced meal, a child will develop a healthy relationship with food and therefore reduce the risk of developing diseases or developing a debilitating food-related psychological condition.

An infant will develop better language skills

Another benefit of exposing an infant to early education is that they will get a head-start with language and speech. Being around other children and new adults will improve a child’s language acquisition, and this is important because toddlers are at their peak of language acquisition, and so feeding their curiosity and exposing them to new language during this time will be greatly beneficial. In an early education environment, an infant is constantly absorbing new words and phrases and is over-hearing conversations, and this will result in a larger vocabulary and a better grasp of words.

Early education will boost an infant’s cognitive development

Early education accelerates a young child’s cognitive brain function. This is because they are constantly absorbing and retaining new information and surroundings, which requires better concentration and improved memory. This leads to better performance in academic subjects such as mathematics, reading and English. What’s more, increased exposure to new surroundings will spark creativity and enhance emotional and mental development.

Infants will be more school-ready

The better a child’s cognitive function and the better grasp they have on speech and language, the higher their I.Q. will likely be and the better they will perform academically. This makes the transition from daycare to school a smoother journey and means that a child will thrive in a school environment, as opposed to a child who has never experienced a classroom setting with other children, and who may struggle with the big change.

The more prepared for school your young child is, the better chance they will have to succeed.

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