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How Can Women Take Care of Chronic Back Pain After 30?

The process of spine aging begins in our 20s and 30s. Most people are unaware of the fact that this continues as we age into our elder years, with about 80% of adults experiencing lower back pain and thus leading to the need for more companies to implement comprehensive medical management services. Poor physical health, obesity, injuries from accidents/falls, all put you at risk of back pain. But, women develop lower back pain more than men. A study found that the gene variant responsible for chronic back pain in women does the opposite for men.

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s Summer Health Stats for U.S. adults (2009) found that compared to 26% of men, 30% of women suffered from chronic back pain. This pain often beginsduring the mid or late 20s. Women are likely to suffer more from this pain when they are pregnant, ranging from 50% to 70%. The extra weight, changes in posture, hormones, and stress are the main causes.

Over the years, non-evasive treatments have become popular pain-relief solutions compared to surgeries and excessive medicines. Whether its women looking to heal from the injuries from car accidents in Snellville or dealing with chronic back pain due to childbirth, chiropractic care could be a sound alternative to alleviate pain.

Chiropractic Care & Chronic Back Pain 

As stated earlier, women tend to suffer from back pain more than men, and as they proceed to their early 30s, the issue worsens. Chiropractic care is widely known for its effectiveness. Owing to the increasing back pain issues in women once they reach their 30s, Snellville chiropractic treatment has become the preferred means to treat back pain issues, as well as whiplash and car accident injuries.

Nowadays, both men and women spend long hours at a desk, causing stress on the neck and shoulders, and stiffness of the back. A chiropractor uses hands-on spinal manipulation to align your back along with some other treatment methods. When your spine is properly aligned after suffering from an injury or other back pain conditions, the body does not require medication or surgery to begin the recovery process. 

The chiropractor restores mobility of the joints, which might become limited due to stress, tissue injury, or falling, with spinal manipulation. Lower back pain can cause swelling, and chiropractic care could bring it down effectively with chiropractic adjustments. With routine care sessions, patients can get non-addictive and non-evasive treatment options, in which they do not have to take any common medicines prescribed to deal with pain and swelling.

Chiropractic adjustments, at the hands of a professional, would solve misalignments in the spine, eliminate joint restrictions, stiffness, and inflammation and even boost the performance of the nervous system and affected joint. You can significantly improve your symptoms by focusing on your spinal health, nervous system, and joint mobility.

With chiropractic care and adjustments, the patients would see the following outcomes:

  • Reduced discomfort
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Alleviate pain
  • Better range of motion
  • Better flexibility
  • Improved muscle strength

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Getting Snellville chiropractic treatment for back pain involves several things. The chiropractor would first inquire about your medical history andcarry out a physical examination.Also, they might recommend a diagnostic imaging or lab test to confirm the feasibility of the treatment for your back pain.

Your chiropractic treatment might involve one or multiple manual adjustments. The treatment may include themanipulation of the joints through using an abrupt and controlled force for the improvement of range and quality of motion.Your chiropractor might also recommend integrating nutritional counseling and exercise into your life. 

The main goal of this treatment is to restore movement, soothe pain, and prevent injury.Let’s take a look at some of the hands-on techniques a patient might experience during chiropractic treatment:

  • Spinal manipulationcommonly known as chiropractic adjustments, are the spine adjustments via moving it through the range of motions and boost joint function by applying force.
  • Stretches assist the patient in boosting his flexibility in the lower back and spine.
  • A type of spinal traction, flexion distraction is opted to treat facet joints disorders. These are the small joints located in the lower back. 

Having said that, let’s take a look at some regular tips you can easily follow of back pain relief in your daily routine:

  • Poor posture is the main cause of chronic back pain. Avoid sitting in one position or slouching for too long. Also, when you lift weights or any heavy object, pay attention to your posture and keep your back straight.
  • Exercise is very important. It is rightly said that motion is lotion for the bones and body. See that you follow a daily regimen to strengthen the core and muscles in the lower part of your body. Aerobic exercise is crucial for those with back issues for at least 20 minutes for five days a week.
  • Stress not only contributes to back pain but aggravates it. Walk regularly to reduce stress and keep your body healthy. Find ways to relax. Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness techniques do wonders for stress relief.
  • If you are obese, your back suffers as the access fat strains your back, especially the lower area. Control your weight through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Final Verdict: Chiropractic Treatment for Smooth and Quick Recovery!

Chiropractic care is believed to be an effective treatment for chronic back pain. It can improve your condition after whiplash, car injury, or acute low back pain. We seem to stress more with age. Stress impacts the neck and shoulder area, which leads to headaches, neck pain, and stiff shoulders. 

If you are a woman who is suffering from chronic back pain after 30, going with chiropractic care could be a wise solution.You should know that it is only after a precise diagnosis of your back pain that your chiropractic treatment will be determined. Your chiropractor is going to take your medical history, online medical conditions, lifestyle factors, and surgical history, if any, into account.