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Here’s How To Incorporate The Japandi Design Trend In Your Home

TikTok has become a source of inspiration for young homeowners, and apart from viral challenges and dance moves, it’s now filled with interior design trends that the platform’s youthful demographic is passionate about. One design trend gaining a lot of interest is Japandi. The hashtag has almost 2 million views, and the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles focuses on quiet luxury, minimalism, and functionality: design traits that are highly attractive to Generation Z and Millennials. If you’re planning to upgrade your home this year, consider incorporating the Japandi design trend into your abode. Here’s how to do it.

Add natural elements

Japanese and Scandinavian designs may look different at first glance, but if you’ll look closely, they share similar traits, and one of those is having natural elements. This makes it a great choice for those who prefer eco-friendly aesthetics, and as seen in Park City Utah real estate properties, living in a sustainably designed home can improve your relationship with nature. It also enables you to have an interior design scheme that will withstand the test of time. To give your home a touch of Japandi, add natural elements such as light wooden furniture with clean lines. You can also decorate with some plants and greenery in woven rattan baskets, or have a bonsai plant or two in the living room.

Choose a muted color palette

Having a neutral color palette is one of the unifying factors of Scandinavian and Japanese design. A muted color scheme can make your home feel more calm and tranquil, so decorate your home in the Japandi style by using a lot bright whites, creams, light greys, dark grays, browns, and black in your home. Add touches of green with plants.

Opt for low furniture covered in soft and cozy fabrics

Combine the sleek look of Japanese style with the coziness of Scandinavian design by including low furniture covered in soft and cozy fabrics in your home. Your bedroom can have a Japanese-style bed covered in neutral-colored sheets and a faux fur throw. Meanwhile, you can have a floor sofa bed in the living room, and add throw pillows with sweater knit covers and a knitted throw to make it even comfier. 
Give your home a touch of serenity and quiet luxury by incorporating the Japandi design trend into your interior design. Look for natural materials, muted colors, and soft textures to give your house an upgraded minimalistic feel that you and your family will surely love.