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Here is how website development can impress your visitors?

64% of businesses around the world have their web presence and they are actively investing in website development. The USA is at the top of the list with 1.3 million e-commerce companies as of May 2020. It represents that having no website is pretty inconceivable. 

However, many startups and small business owners have realized the potential of social media and used it as a source of first hand marketing to offer their products and services to the entire world. And it has created an environment for healthy & sometimes evil competition because nearly 70% of enterprises now have a social presence; giant or tiny, doesn’t matter. 

There are great chances that 50% of website visitors will leave your website if it took more than two seconds to load. Customer attention time is at the lowest point in the history of mankind which is only 1.5 seconds. This is where you need to pay more attention because you’ll not get a second chance to impress your traffic.   

  • Unique layout

If using a or, you’re normally given a ready-made theme in a basic plan. But options are there to add a few extra elements by paying some bucks to the checkout. No matter how much you’re creative in developing a website on your own but somehow it will look like an ordinary site. 

Your website must have a professional layout to develop a mind blowing first impression because this is your first and last chance to retain the customer for future visits. 

  • Fast & furious loading

As mentioned above, the speed of the website to load a page plays a key role in satisfying a visitor. Remember that, the website visitor is not your customer yet until he safely lands on your site within a blink of an eye and purchases something. 

Built-in functionalities that website builders or content management systems have developed to serve different users at the same time are the real factors that are increasing the page loading time. Coping with these problems is easy for web developers, not non-savvy individuals.  

  • Website security

This topic can’t be completed without talking about website security. The content management systems (CMSs) prefer to hold the content for the SSL secured websites and states have proven the fact. It emerges the need of web developers to ensure complete security for your website. You can educate yourself on the topic by taking cybersecurity courses

6 out of 10 websites have been hacked by the black-hackers when sharing a database or a design platform with a number of other websites. Google can send you a charge sheet if any website with which you’re sharing your server space is infected with a virus or other cases, shut down. 

  • Easy to optimize

Web optimization is as necessary as breath for lungs. You’ve already spent a lot of time and money on making a killer website but what if your website does not pop up on Google’s first page? Web optimization and web page optimization are two different terms used interchangeably. 

Deep knowledge of coding and search engine optimization is a must for a web developer. It’s often said that just buy a domain and rest will be assured by the web developers. 


By wrapping it up, we can say that website development is not a one time need but a continuous process for the website to have a scheduled check-up with the doctors (web developers) to stay healthy for a long time. 

Hence proved that if you ever feel your website has some issues and needs to be fixed by the experts, there is no better choice than the web developers.