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Gugu Liberato | Antônio Augusto de Moraes Liberato

Antônio Augusto de Moraes Liberato (April 10, 1959 – November 21, 2019), better known as Gugu Liberato or simply Gugu, was a Brazilian television presenter, entrepreneur, actor, and singer.

Liberato was born in São Paulo, Brazil, the son of Portuguese immigrants. He used to write letters to Silvio Santos (who later hired him) suggesting ideas for programs. He started on television at age 14 as a program production assistant on Domingo no Parque (Sunday at the Park), presented by Silvio Santos on SBT. He is regarded as one of the most famous entertainers in the history of Brazilian television, standing next to names like Fausto SilvaSilvio SantosHebe Camargo and Xuxa Meneghel.

Liberato began studying dentistry at University of Marilia (Unimar) in Marilia, São Paulo, but dropped out when called by Silvio Santos, who invited him to take up a post in front of the cameras. One of his first programs in 1981 was the Sessão Premiada São Paulo – Rio’s version was by Paul Barboza. In 1982, Santos asked Argentine director Nelly Raymond to create a program for Saturday night. Viva a Noite was created, which was initially divided into several parts, and also presented by Ademar Dutra, Mariette Detotto and Jair Ogun. Following some format changes, Gugu remained alone in the program, then directed by Homer Salles. While anchoring Viva a Noite, Gugu also directed Domingo no Parque for sometime and acted as the editor for the President’s Week (Semana do Presidente) newsletter, which was aired in the commercial breaks between the Program Silvio Santos show.

After the success of the musical group Menudo, which was extensively promoted by Viva a Noite in 1984, Gugu launched Brazilian musical groups of the same style, such as Dominó and Polegar, becoming a successful businessman.

In August 1987, at the height of the success of Viva a noite, Gugu signed a contract with TV station Rede Globo. But on Saturday Carnival 1988, Santos went to meet the owner of the Rede Globo Roberto Marinho personally, in order to release the presenter so he could stay on SBT. Santos was about to undergo a delicate surgery and made a millionaire proposal to Gugu, offering him much of the Sunday’s programming schedule. As a comparison, Liberato’s wages increased tenfold, besides earnings coming from advertising.

Liberato debuted in SBT Sundays on April 17, 1988,[10] hosting alone programs like Passa ou Repassa and Cidade Contra Cidade. Gugu also co-hosted Roletrando with Santos.

The TV station Rede Globo, however, had already created a program for Gugu, and the program was ready but without a host. Rede Globo hired hastily Fausto Silva, who ran the Saturday late night show Perdidos na Noite (Lost in the Night) at TV Bandeirantes. So the show Domingão do Faustão started, by chance, on Sunday afternoons at Rede Globo, filling a schedule previously occupied by American TV series.

Even though Gugu was responsible for part of the Sunday programming, he remained anchoring shows on Saturday night, especially musical programs like Sabadão Sertanejo. The greatest success, however, came with the show Domingo Legal, which competed with Domingão do Faustão, ironically a program created to be his. The competition in the late 1990s was for a long period favorable to Gugu, which ended the decade with peaks above 40 rating points.

Gugu Liberato suffers an accident in the USA and is hospitalized in serious condition, says the portal

Date: 21/112019

The presenter’s mother traveled to the USA to monitor the son’s health status

RecorTV presenter Gugu Liberato, 60, suffered an accident on Thursday, 21, at his home in the United States. The information is from the Extra portal.

According to the report, the accident was serious and Gugu is hospitalized in Orlando Health hospital. The information was confirmed to the newspaper by the professional’s adviser.

Liberato’s mother, Maria do Céu, 90, left for the United States to find out more details about her son’s health.

According to Extra, at the time of the accident, the presenter was accompanied by his wife, Rosa Di Matteo.

Brazilian columnists reported that the professional was repairing an air conditioner when it fell from a height of about four meters.

Currently, the presenter presents the reality show “Canta Comigo”, on RecordTv.