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Give the Gift of Amazing New Gaming Technology With Cards From JustLoveEGifts

Gaming technology has come a long way since they became popular, but some recent advances have made their future even more exciting. If your family member or friend has a birthday coming up and is ready to try some new technology, JustLoveEGifts may have the perfect gift you have been looking for. They offer gift cards from the top game developers and electronics companies. Here is a snippet of the amazing new technology your gift could go towards. 

Amazing Graphics

We’ve come a long way since the days of basic graphics. Recent cutting edge advancements now allow gamers to become submersed in their virtual worlds with photorealistic textures. Having a higher image quality can enhance playability and make players feel like they have entered the game. Remember that when you are wondering if your friend would like a game with better graphics. 

Augmented Reality

Let your relative bring their gaming experience out of the console with augmented reality. These games allow users to maneuver in their home and make use of their household items during their gaming experience. For instance, this technology lets people play air hockey on their kitchen tables. This makes augmented reality a great family-friendly option for your relative. 

Facial Recognition

Nowadays, 3D scanning and facial recognition are being incorporated into games so players can create avatars that look just like them. Additionally, gamers can now purchase cameras that scan a player’s face to see their reaction to the game and adjust the difficulty accordingly. For instance, if you’re grimacing at the game, the camera will pick up on that and make the level less difficult. Thankfully, JustLoveEGifts offers Amazon cards so you can help your friends purchase a camera for their game. 

Gesture Control

Maybe one of your friends likes video games but hates holding a controller. Fortunately for them, the same technology in facial recognition is being used to track gestures, so players can ditch the controllers altogether. In a gesture-controlled game, a camera tracks the movements in your hand and allows you to play select first-person games. Giving your favorite gamer a card from JustLoveEGifts can give them access to this new technology and the games that go with them. 

High Definition Displays

Maybe your friend already has some of this great technology but runs an older computer or television. That’s where the not so new Ultra 4K gaming comes in. While 4K laptops and televisions have been out for a while, they have become significantly cheaper, making them a go-to for any gamer. With unbeatable colors and images, running games on high definition displays is an experience unlike any other. Just something to consider as your favorite gamer’s birthday approaches. 

Learning Features

Video games have become an important tool for learning in many 21st century educational settings. The U.S. Department of Education has even recognized the power of games for learning and encourages schools and other learning environments to use them. Giving a young family member access to a new game popular for its fun learning features would be a unique gift. 

Mobile Gaming

With the invention of the smartphone, the gaming experience was taken from the arcade and living room and put into the palm of your hand. This also made the love of gaming spread from arcade junkies and console consumers to almost everyone. With added security measures available for most phones, this has also given gamers a little extra protection so they can keep playing online games safely. If you need a gift for someone who loves playing games on their phone, JustLoveEGifts has a card they would love. 

Virtual Reality

The recently developed virtual reality headsets grant players unrivaled immersive gaming experiences. Giving your friend access to this technology will allow them to lose themselves in their game before coming back to reality. 

Voice Recognition

If you’re looking to enable your ultra lazy friend, a card giving them access to voice recognition technology may be perfect. While this technology has been around for a while, it is now in many computers marketed for their gaming capacities. Not only can players turn their device on and off with voice commands, but they can also control gameplay, interact on social media, play selections on their media library, and search the web. 

Wearable Gaming

Whether its smartwatches or glasses, wearable gaming experiences allow players to take their games with them. Companies that started off producing wearable fitness technology, have now figured out how to incorporate entertainment as well. Many view this technology not only as an extension of their consoles but as a necessary part of their attire. Fortunately, JustLoveEGifts has cards for companies that offer these wearable gaming devices. 

It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of these innovations before. Take the stress out of trying to find the perfect present for your favorite gamer by giving them a gift card so they can choose how they want to amplify their gaming experience.