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Get Creative with These 6 Housewarming Gifts

Christmas and birthday shopping can be challenging, but it has nothing on looking for the perfect housewarming gifts. What do you buy someone who you barely know, or that may not need anything at all? You can’t turn up to a housewarming party empty-handed. Nor can you welcome someone to the neighborhood without a friendly gesture.

If you need a helping hand to find the perfect housewarming gift, and you want something a little outside the square, then read on. We have included six creative housewarming gifts that may satisfy your needs below.

Living Plants

Living plants are some of the best housewarming gifts you can give to someone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to a housewarming party, or you’re meeting a new neighbor, you can’t go wrong with a potted plant or sapling.

Living plants can mean many things to many people. They can signify prosperity and luck, but they can also be a sign of new relationships. For example, an olive tree promotes peace and friendship. What’s more, when someone moves to a new property, their yard is often a blank canvas. They get to turn it into something that works for them, and your plants as housewarming gifts could be the starting point.

Offering a sapling of a small tree, such as a fruit tree, can also be an icebreaker. You may not know the new neighbors, but you can use the tree as a conversation point for getting to know them. If you’re not much of a gardener, then make sure you buy your plants from a reputable supplier. There would be nothing worse than turning up with a Douglas Fir that can grow up to 300 feet high.

Homemade Baking

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a master chef in the kitchen, then you can’t go wrong with homemade baking. Get the apron out and cook up a storm. Many different things make the perfect housewarming gift. You could try your hand at miniature sweet or savory pies, or go for the tried and trusted cookies instead. Cakes, muffins, a delicious slice, or homemade fudge are all excellent options as well.

Once you bake them, you can then set about working on your presentation. Flex your creative muscles and make your rustic home baking something that looks like it’s from a bakery. Buy gift boxes, play around with ribbons, or even try out fondant on cakes. There is much you can do in the realm of home baking to show your new neighbor that you appreciate them being in the neighborhood.

An Invitation

There are many benefits of getting to know your neighbors. You look after them, they look after you, and you can share supplies in cases of emergencies as well. Therefore, one of the best gifts you can offer a new neighbor is an invitation to a neighborhood get-together.

Organize a gathering of neighbors to share food and laughs in a central location. Not only does it let your new neighbor get to know everyone, but you can learn more about them as well. There can be a bit of planning involved, so allow yourself plenty of time. You may even like to call upon other neighbors to help make it a success.

A Gift Hamper

If you’ve left housewarming gift shopping until the last minute, then a gift hamper could make the perfect gift. This option is suitable for both housewarming parties and new people in your neighborhood.

You can get creative and make your own, or rely on local businesses to provide what you need instead. Let your time restraints dictate which option will suit better. A gift hamper is an excellent gift idea for many reasons. It can include everything a new homeowner needs in the short term if everything they own is in boxes. It’s also something that no one would turn away for not being useful. Everyone needs food to survive!

Service Vouchers

Very few people like housecleaning, but it’s something that must happen if you want to live in comfort. However, after shifting house and emptying all those boxes, it’s the last thing you feel like doing. If you want to be the favorite new neighbor, then gift the new addition with a housecleaning voucher. It could be a whole house clean, a bathroom or kitchen detailing, or even carpet cleaning. You are sure to find that such a gift will be more valuable to the recipient than any home baking or gift hamper could be.

Wall Art

New houses can always look bare and empty, as the new homeowner hasn’t had a chance to add their touch. Help the process along with wall art. You could go for something cheesy like “home is where the heart is” or pick something up from your local market. If you’re the creative type with a lot of self-confidence, you could take to the easel and whip something up yourself as well.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re attending a housewarming party or welcoming someone to the neighborhood; shopping for housewarming gifts is tough! Don’t waste any more time browsing the shelves of your local retail stores. Consider living plants or any of these gift options above to put a smile on the recipient’s face.