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Preparing for GMAT with Experts’ Global’s online GMAT Prep Program

It is essential to score a good GMAT score to be able to secure an admit into your dream B-school.Preparing for GMAT demand serious investment of your resources and while several GMAT coaching centers exist, very fewcan provide themuch necessary holistic learning experience. However, Experts’ Global has been able to aptlycomprehend the learningneeds of the students and prepare an extremely comprehensive GMAT online prep program that smartly employstechnologytoprovide stellar education.The following section discusses the features that have made Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program the mostpreferred program among GMAT aspirants. Interestingly, since the launch of this program in 2018, 1000s of studentshave availed of the same and majority of them have reported an improvement in their performance


Likeness with GMAT

For a GMAT prep program to provide the necessary learning, it must be similar to the GMAT.Experts’ Globalhasachieved this similarity with the  GMAT Online Program. Each of its 4000 practice and mock questions mimicsthe GMATin terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc.Even the GMAT scoring algorithm, which is not public knowledge andhas hardly been represented by any other GMAT prep program, has been mimicked by the Experts’ Global online GMATprep package questions.This is a significant achievementand this likeness has beenconfirmed by the students whonoticed a similarity between their GMAT mock scores and GMAT scores

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

TheExperts’ Globalonline GMAT prep module includes 15, full-length GMAT mock tests.Thisissignificant as no otherGMAT test package includessuch a high number of mocks. Theteam has included a higher number of mock testsbecause the team believes that regular and repeated practicehelps build endurance and the test-taking strategy.Besides, the similarity with the GMAT test pattern, in terms of type of questions, difficulty of questions, and scoringpattern helps the student obtain a proper assessment ofthe GMAT performance.The team also doesoffer a free GMAT mock tests to the students.

Weakness Diagnosis

This GMAT online prep programhas deployed a weaknessdiagnostics feature. Thesoftware breaks up the performanceafter each test to suggest thestudent’s weak and strong points.It also tells you the amount of time you have spent oneach question. You can even obtain a broad understanding of your learning requirementsas the software can analyzeyour performances over the last tests.This is essential to help the student identify and acknowledge his/her specificweaknesses because it is only by acknowledging the weakness,can one improve upon the same.

Video Instruction

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program has bolstered each of its questions with video and text explanations. Thus,you can refer to either the video instructions or the textual explanations to understand theapproach to a problem. Youcan even refer to these resources to understand the most effective means of solving a question


The fact that this is an online on-demand program ensures that the GMAT aspirant can fulfill his/her learningrequirement at his/her own convenience. This also saves the student the hassles of travelling to a live coaching center.Besides,as the GMAT aspirants happen to be working professionals, an online, well-structured, comprehensive programhelpsthem maintain a personal study schedule.

Special Features

The Experts’ Globalteam has includedseveral smart features to facilitate learning. Thus, this online GMAT TrainingModule includesfeatures such as:

Flag: You can flag a question to revise later. You may come across a particularly interesting or difficult question while preparing for GMAT, that you may want to revisit later. The flag feature allows you to maintain a file of100s of such questions.

Sticky: This is a small, colorful pop-up screen that you can fixto your front screen to take down important notesas you solve questions or watch the instruction videos.

These are small but important inclusions that show the effort and dedication that the Experts’ Global test-developingteam has put into to create a truly well-constructed and robust GMAT resource

Undoubtedly, if you are considering taking the GMAT, you must opt for the Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program,a repository of high quality, top-notch content deployed through the smart utilization of cutting-edge technology thatensures a well-paced but rigorous learning, ultimately helping you earn your target GMAT score.