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Four Simple but Effective SEO Tricks That Can Boost B2C Company SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization a vital part of the company’s online strategy. According to, that states as much as 93% of all online activities originate from search engines. While there are a lot of factors that affect your rankings for certain keywords, it is the overall desire by all search engines to deliver a better experience to their users that makes them keep on tweaking their algorithms constantly. This makes it extremely important for online marketers to stay abreast of all the things that can impact on their SEO rankings so that they can continue to drive traffic to their websites. Some vital SEO tricks that are valid today and are expected to remain as important in the coming decade:

Make Your Website Load Faster

Although, the loading speed of your website is perhaps one of the most overlooked SEO tactics. According to studies, users tend to abandon sites if the page does not load in less than three seconds. The huge availability of alternatives to the customers means that not only is the opportunity of making a sales transaction lost but the customer may not ever return to the site. While there are quite a few factors that are responsible for the site’s speed, one of the most important is the size of the images. It is extremely important for all online businesses, especially retailers that need to showcase hundreds of thousands of products, to ensure that the images are compressed and are typically less than 100 KB in size. Using .jpeg images is considered to be better than .png images as the image quality is retained well even after compression. Apart from the image optimization, you can also review the page elements to make sure that there are no redundant elements that are slowing down the loading of the page. Other handy tricks include enabling the browser caching that stores page elements in temporary storage in the user’s computer to make the site load faster for repeat visitors and reducing the number of plugins that generally tend to slow down the site.

Strengthen Your Presence on Social Media

Even though there is a lot of debate on the extent of how much social media affects SEO, it is quite clear that a vibrant social media presence can only act to drive more traffic to the website. Today social media has emerged as a very strong source of information about products and services. According to, as many as, 54% of those using social media use social media to research products. Realizing the potential of such behavior, many businesses are trying to buy Instagram followers to create excitement around their Instagram accounts. Even in the current context, social media profiles are already being ranked by the search engines; there are many instances where the top search results feature their social media profiles. What this effectively means that many of the searches may be clicking on the social media profiles to know more about the business and the brand.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Version of the Website

With more than half of all website searches now originating from mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly site is no longer optional. According to, already 70% of internet access is through mobile phones and this is projected to rise to 80% in 2019. With an increasing number of users making their mobiles the primary device to communicate and conduct online searches, it is now an imperative for online businesses to have a mobile-optimized website failing which, they would lose out on most of the sales opportunities as mobile users simply do not have the temperament to deal with desktop versions of the sites on their mobile phones. Keep in mind that the mobile users have to deal with a far smaller screen so the content will have to be optimized accordingly. Readability of the content and the page loading time are of paramount importance in a mobile site.

Create Valuable and Engaging Content

The quality of the content is one of the most critical factors affecting SEO page rankings and consequently the traffic generation to your website. Content marketing not only allows businesses to infuse important keywords that their target audiences use to search for information as well as product and services they require but also improve the stickiness or length of dwell time on the page that sends out strong signals to Google that the site is useful to searchers. It is the content on your pages that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition when real product differences may be hard to establish in the minds of a largely cynical and suspicious audience. The key to creating valuable content is to understand the concerns of the target audience and trying to deliver content that will effectively address them. Useful content is less about your product feature and more about what it can do for the customers and provide more value to them. What will set apart content that works to drive page rankings is its authenticity based on original research and its depth that covers all the aspects of the topic as relevant to the context. Long-form content of 200 words and more is now the preferred medium to send signals to Google that the content coverage is detailed. Proper keyword research is still paramount so that you know what users are hunting for and then you can optimize your content appropriately. The freshness of the content is yet another important signal to Google to drive up the page rankings so you should invest in creating and posting blog contents consistently to allow the creation of more indexable pages for Google.


Search engine optimization is a never-ending game. Not only are search engines constantly changing the way they deliver results to users but there is also the impact of the competition employing tactics that can overtake yours. However, keeping your focus firmly on issues like site loading speed, mobile optimization, quality of content, and the interaction with social media, you can drive up the rankings and draw the attention of the maximum number of eyeballs consistently. Also you can use ecommerce seo services if you dont want to bother with all the technical stuff.

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