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Expressing Your Self Using a Wig

Expressing yourself is part of being human. Throughout history, people across the globe have found different ways to express themselves. Through carving, writing, painting or singing, people have found an outlet for their thoughts, emotions, and desires.

During the middle ages, and up until today, women have used fashion as a means to express themselves. Let’s take Marie Antoinette as an example. Back in the 16th century, women had their rights extremely restricted by a patriarchal society, it was frowned upon to see or hear a woman verbally express herself. Her thoughts and emotions were meant to be kept within the walls of their hearts.

Marie Antoinette used fashion as an outlet for her emotions and her desires. It was solely through this outlet that she could convey her thoughts and emotions without being judged. Of course, most people didn’t know what it meant if she chose a particular color or a particular hairstyle. But it was her own way of getting her emotions out into the world, regardless if they were understood or not.

Fashion, in particular, can be a symbolic outlet, where colors, styles, and fabric can be used to convey one’s own emotions. Literature, painting, and carving can be a more literal form of expression, as to fashion is a subtler way of manifesting what we’re feeling.

Expressing Your Self Using a Wig

If you wake up and you’re feeling edgy and hot, then it’s more likely that you’ll opt to wear something a bit more revealing and daring colors. On the other side, if you’re feeling blue, then it’s likely that you’ll choose darker colors and you’ll probably tie your hair in a ponytail or have it lose to cover your face.

Hair as a means of expression

In recent time, hair, in particular, has adopted a new position in self-expression. We’re now seeing more daring colors, haircuts and styles, that up until a decade ago were not entirely accepted by society.

Hair has become increasingly important in women’s lives. We all know that throughout history women and their hair have shared a close bond. But it’s been in this past decade that we’ve really dared to show innovative colors and styles.

Unfortunately, it is a lot harder to change your hair color on an ordinary basis, just as you change your clothes. You can be office-professional in the morning and a sexy kitten at night. You can change your hairstyle a bit, but not entirely, unless…

How to easily express yourself with your hair

You start using wigs! Wigs are the easiest way to change your hairstyle and color without having to make a visit to the salon, it is also an easy way to transform yourself in a matter of minutes, you can use wigs to set you apart from the rest.

We’ve all seen on TV and movies when someone wants to make a radical change to themselves the first thing to change is the hair. It is understandable that most of us have jobs and engagements that might prevent us from rocking a beautiful unicorn colored hairstyle.

But there’s always a way of achieving this and not commit long-term. Choose a wig.

In an era where our voices can be silent by the noise of social media and screens, sometimes we have to express ourselves with our own image. Your hair is part of your image, have fun with it.