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Enjoy Stunning Sunsets And Peaceful Evenings Near Gare De Lyon

This post is for a person who is searching for some adventurous places to explore near Gare de Lyon! As a small introduction, I will mention a few things about this Gare de Lyon. Well, it is one of the busiest train stations in Europe, and the third busiest in France! Did you know it was built for the Exposition Universelle in 1899? And that it has a big clock tower that looks like Big Ben in London?

This station train trips from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and Italy. If you don’t want to fly for your next destination, then you can choose a train trip instead! In order to enjoy your trip fully hands-free, you can check out the full Luggage Storage Guide for Paris right here. 

Thus, if you are fascinated and want to know more about it, then keep reading and find out the coolest things to do!

Visit The Coulée Verte For A Relaxing Walk

The Coulée Verte is situated in Paris 12th district, linking Porte de Vincennes and the Bastille. So, if you want to enjoy nature and get away from the rush of the city, you will fall in love with it.

You will enjoy here a few tunnels; explore Haussmannian buildings and also modern ones. It’s a good place if you want to enjoy a relaxing walk or a nice bike ride.

Visit The Art Ludique Museum To Learn About Technology

The museum was created in 2013, and therefore it’s the most recent museum. Here you will see anime, cartoons, video games, animated films, comic books that give you a whole new perspective. Additionally, the great creativity that marked the influenced culture and human imagination are available here. Meanwhile, you will also explore here sculptures, drawings, and much more in the Art Ludique museum.

Furthermore, the used technologies are also available for you to know more about the artistic dimensions that are used in creating video games and animated films.

The Jardin Des Plantes For Learning The Importance Of Plants

If you wish to teach your children to preserve the environment and raise awareness, then Jardin des Plantes is the right place for you. It is very important to teach your kids how to respect our environment and its inhabitants. And it is also necessary for earth welfare. However, it is the garden where you can admire the best options for flowers and plants. Also, you will get information about plants like which family they belong to and how they evolve.

Therefore, this is not only a beautiful and peaceful garden but also they will give you a better understanding than before! Furthermore, here you will also explore different animal species including falcons living in Notre dame church. From the kids to the eldest, everybody learns while having an adventure. So, thanks to educational activities like memory games, quizzes, puzzles. You can also visit the menagerie. It is the oldest zoo on the earth and has kept species safe and secure since 1794.

The Grand Mosque Of Paris- Spent A Peaceful Moment Here

This is the place of worship. The grand mosque is the quietest and peaceful place near Gare de Lyon. It was built in respect of all Muslim soldiers who fought during World War I, along with the French.

If you are a tea lover, then summer will be the best time for you to go on a Gare de Lyon trip. It is the best place to enjoy mint tea and also eat oriental pastries or have dinner in the inner courtyard. The tile work, the architecture, and the gardens are so beautiful. So you will spend some relaxed moments in the mosque of Paris.

Enjoy Stunning Sunsets At Josephine Baker Swimming Pool

In the summer, the Seine banks used to convert into beaches for at least three to four weeks. And it was called the Paris Plages, but it is not happening now. The Josephine Swimming Pool was beautifully built on the boat in 2007 for the purpose of Paris Plages.

Josephine Baker swimming pool floats on the river Seine; that’s why it looks very wonderful. And almost you have felt like you are swimming in the river! However, the swimming option is available for the whole year. Meanwhile, in the winter season, it is covered with a glass roof. In the month of August, it becomes very crowded, and its price is also going up. If you like the sunsets and swim, then Josephine baker swimming pool will give you the stunning sunsets and relaxation guaranteed!

Tip: you will be following all the hygiene rules here because their rules are strict! So you will need to keep your bathing cap with you.

Enjoy Music Concerts At The Petit Bain

The petit bain is a concert hall where all the music genres’ concerts are organized. Also, there is a creative space, restaurant, and some other rooms to explore. Additionally, all the participative projects, concerts, workshops, performances with the locals happen. So, you need to check your plan and buy the tickets for concert nights.

Last Words

This post is now over! We hope you all enjoyed it! These all are the top things to do near Gare de Lyon. So, start planning with the best Luggage Storage guide and discover the beauty of Paris.