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Energy Saving with Smart AC Controllers

WiFi connected devices are now an integral part of every modern home. Smart AC controllers are no exception. These sleek and futuristic looking devices bring a host of different features to your air conditioning, from scheduling controls to temperature and humidity-based triggers, and also global controls.

The most enticing aspect of these smart AC controllers is their energy-saving capability. Smart AC controllers can provide up to 25% savings in energy usage through air conditioning. This is achieved through a variety of different mechanisms. Let’s get a better understanding of smart AC controllers and how they can help us keep the bills on the lower side.

What are Smart AC Controllers?

Smart AC controllers are WiFi compatible devices that enable you to control your AC with your smartphone. This eliminates the need for you to be within close range of your AC or tackle with an AC’s remote control. The AC controller functions as a link between your smartphone and the air conditioner.

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Once a command is sent through the smartphone, it is then sent through the online cloud service over WiFi to the smart AC controller. The controller then processes it and further sends a command to the AC through infrared signals, much like your normal AC remote control.

What if you want to control your air conditioning from a far-away location? Such as from your office or your holiday destination? You may have pets at home for which you’d want to monitor the temperature at all times or don’t want the pipes in your garage to freeze during extreme winter. What if you want to keep track of your usage statistics? What if you want to set intelligent triggers for temperature and humidity?

All these questions have the same answer, a smart AC controller. Global controls are just one of the many functions which smart AC controllers possess. The result is enhanced comfort, unparalleled convenience, and greater energy savings – everything you need for a great summer!

How is Energy Saved?

Smart AC controllers, also known as mini-split thermostats do not magically make your AC more efficient or affect its energy consumption in any way. Rather, they rationalize the time you operate your AC for, and also the mode of operation. Let us take an example.

Cielo Breez smart AC controllers provide a very nifty Comfy mode, which lets you define the temperature or humidity range you want your AC to operate in. If the temperature or humidity goes above or below the specified range, the AC then kicks in and tries to maintain the appropriate levels. Once they have been reached, the AC turns off, or switches to a low power mode, to conserve energy.

Another example of how a smart AC controller saves energy is through geo-fencing. You could set up the controller to turn the AC off once you have gone a certain distance away from your home. This could be anything between 1 to 10 miles. If you go out of that range, the AC will automatically turn off, and once you come back within the range, the AC turns on at a lower power mode and cools the home before you reach. This is in comparison to having the AC run at a high-power mode when you reach the home.


At least 10% of the total energy annually can be saved by using a mini-split Wi-Fi control versus a traditional AC remote control, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. These are conservative estimates, with some manufacturers going upwards of 25%.

Cielo Breez Smart AC Controllers

Cielo WiGle offers a range of smart AC controllers from basic models to next-gen high-end models to make your air conditioning smart! These are backed by super-intelligent mobile apps for Android and iOS coupled with a backend cloud developed using Amazon AWS IoT cloud.

The Cielo Breez Plus is the flagship device and can be either wall-mounted or placed on your table. It is powered up by an inbuilt 5V adapter, or through direct 12 or 24 V power cable from your wiring.

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The device can be used with either an iOS device or Android, through intuitive apps, or the desktop app. Moreover, on-screen controls also provide limited functionality. Cielo Breez Plus, and indeed all other Cielo Breez devices also work with Alexa and Google Home. The AC unit can be turned on or off, or switched in between modes along with temperature controls through voice commands on Alexa or Google Home.

Smart-home devices and smart AC controllers can become an integral part of your energy planning, and contribute significantly to lowering your energy bills and helping you save money. Considering that Americans spend $130 billion a year on wasted energy, this is something that can provide much-needed reprieve!