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Creating a Home Workout Space without Sacrificing Style

When creating your ideal home, it should be not only stylish but also functional as well. Besides the rooms and kitchen, you may want extra spaces for office or workout areas. While some homes come with ideal spaces for office such as the new offplan projects by Meraas, very few feature a workout space. This may be because of the shrinking spaces in residential units. Is it possible to create a workout space without sacrificing your style?

The workout space?

If you strive to have a healthy lifestyle, you might have thought or tried temporary work out space in your house. This might be a multifunctional space that is used for other functions. For instance, you can set a yoga mat, do your exercises and put it away. This is a quick and easy way to set a workout space without sacrificing your style.

In addition, there is a wide variety of workout routines you can do on the yoga mat such as squats, lunges, lifting weights and more. A yoga mat helps to provide cushion on the wood or tile floor and muffling the sound of your feet while exercising. If the area slips, you can add grippers underneath the mat to keep them in place.

If you can set aside a room that can always be used as a gym, you should decorate it in a way that inspires a good workout. The room should have low traffic and uncluttered. In addition, you should avoid putting items that are breakable and hazardous because of the intensive workouts. Also, make sure the area is well lit and ventilated. Although natural light is desirable, you can also add artificial lighting to brighten up.

Stocking your home gym

You want to make sure you have everything you need for your workouts without compromising on the style. For example, if you rely on online videos or DVDs for workout routines, you can mount a TV on the wall or hide it away in a trendy cabinet. If possible, you can add some drawers or shelves in the cabinet to store small equipment such as towels, weights, etc. Also, you should find gym equipment that matches with other elements in the room or workout space.

If you don’t want to avoid the stress of creating a workout area in your current property then you can also consider investing in new offplan projects in Dubai, such as the Bluewaters Residences & Port De La Mer, which already come with fully fitted modern gyms.