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Consider The Payment Options For Furniture To Avoid Debts

There are different ways in which you can pay for the furniture you buy to decorate your home. You may pay in cash or take on a new loan but whichever way you prefer to choose, you must know the characteristics of it as well as the merits and demerits of it. This will help you to make the right choice to keep your finance as well as your existing debt in good health. All it needs is:

  • A little bit of time
  • A proper planning
  • A fair amount of research
  • A considerable effort and
  • A strong will.

Typically, it is believed that home decoration is the thing that transforms a house into a home. You can choose expensive items for it or stick to the basics, invest on appliances and modern gadgets or on furniture all has to be according to your affordability and budget.

However, furniture is the first and most important thing to spend on to decorate your new home but unfortunately, the cost of it can get expensive really fast making you think twice before furnishing a place. According to research, it is found that the cost of furnishing a new home right from scratch can come up to 25% of the total value of the home.

This actually points out at two specific things:

  • One, furnishing a new home is not easy or a matter to be taken very lightly and
  • Two, it will need some precise financial planning.

The primary concern is what is the best way available to foot the bill for the furniture items that you buy? Whether you take out a specific loan for it or pay through your credit cards if you do not have enough cash is the most common dilemma that you will face. If you are not strategic then you may end up in debt and then frantically look for ways to get out of it and for the best debt relief options at and several other sites like it.

Well, here are the options that you should know.

Pros and cons of cash payment

Paying in cash for the furniture items you buy is perhaps the most straightforward way. You can use your existing savings or take some time to create a fund to buy furniture for cash. This route will enable you to avoid debt altogether as well as the interest.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you want to buy furniture for your new home decoration with cash.

  • Consider buying these over a prolonged period of time
  • Allocate a part of your paycheck every month to stay within your budget
  • Identify first all those things you require and make a list of it
  • Prioritize the items of furniture from the most to the least important
  • Select the proper shop to buy these items and
  • Shop smart by visiting thrift stores, discount shops, antique stores, and Craigslist.

All these will affect the total cost but save you from blowing your bank.

The advantage of cash payment is that you do not pay anything extra in the form of interest and there are no strings attached or debt acquired. As for the downsides, it may take a while to purchase and you may not furnish the entire home at once. It will also not help in building credit and there will be no rewards programs through which you can earn returns on your spending.

Personal loan

You can take out a personal loan if you want a large amount of money to pay for the furniture up front. The advantage of this option is:

  • You will get most, if not all of the furniture right away
  • You can pay back the loan over time as per a plan that suits your budget
  • You will get a lot of online and offline lending sources making these loans more accessible, fast and decent
  • It will prevent draining your savings and
  • Repaying it will build your credit score if you continue to make the payments on time.

Considering the downsides of paying for the furniture through a personal loan it will, however, increase the cost of the furniture as compared to cash purchase because you will have to pay for the interest and fees on the loan. Moreover, whether or not you will be approved for such a loan and the amount you will receive will entirely depend on your current credit score.

In-store financing

You may also choose to finance through a furniture store itself. This is a far easier and more feasible process simply because you can work out on the best deal in-store. The positive aspects of this option include:

  • It is much more convenient as you get both your furniture and financing in the same store
  • You can get all your furniture now
  • It will help you to build your credit if you make payments on time and on a regular basis and
  • You will have a better chance of approval as the store will be more interested in making a sale and therefore will be more flexible in the loan processing and approval process.

As for the downsides of this option, you will have to buy all of your furniture from one specific store, like it or not. This means you may have to consider multiple funding options and figure out the best one for you. Moreover, you will not get any chance to shop around different stores to look for a better deal and end up paying more than you would have with other lenders.

Lastly, you can use your credit card to buy your furniture as well. This is a convenient option as you may get reward points but this should be avoided simply because credit cards contain the highest rate of interest. Once you default after the promotional introductory grace period, the interest will skyrocket putting you in debt.

Therefore, consider all options and choose after thorough research to make payments for the furniture you buy to make sure that you stay out of unwanted debt.