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Consequences of not Replacing a Bad MAF Sensor

Prompt repairs are essential to avoid additional damage on your vehicle. If your check engine light is illuminated, it’s crucial to check the error code and repair the necessary system quickly. A common cause of a check engine light is a damaged mass air flow, or MAF, sensor. Explore the symptoms of a bad MAF sensor, a defective flexplate and how to replace your own auto parts. Don’t continue to drive with a damaged ride, but restore your fuel economy and safety with a few affordable parts.

Because your MAF sensor measures the amount of air entering your air intake, a damaged sensor can leave your engine control unit in the dark. Here are some typical consequences of driving with a bad MAF sensor:

  • Stuttering engine
  • Stalling engine
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Rich idling
  • Lean idling

If you experience one of these symptoms, or have an error code related to a damaged sensor, don’t hesitate to order a new one and consider replacing your own sensor.

How To Know if Your Flexplate Is Defective

Your flexplate connects the crankshaft to the torque converter. It’s designed to flex and prevent shock to both components it’s connected to. Most flexplates have a ring gear and a plate.

One of the most common issues with a defective flexplate is cracking. When your engine is out of balance or your starter goes bad, it can damage this essential component. The result is poor engine operation, difficulties starting your vehicle and noises from the bell housing. Before you replace your flexplate, look for the source of this issue. OEM flexplates rarely wear out or crack under normal operating conditions, so this issue is usually caused by another component. Shop for Chevy Silverado auto parts or replacement parts for another vehicle to restore this issue.

Replacing Auto Parts on Your Own

Reliable replacement parts and helpful how-to guides make it easy to replace your own auto parts. Don’t attempt a DIY replacement if you’re not familiar with the component and don’t have a repair guide. Your local auto parts store is a great resource for repair information, rental tools and replacement parts.

Replacing your MAF sensor only requires a few basic hand tools. Locate the sensor connected to your air filter box. Remove the lid and wiring before removing the sensor. Use caution, as these sensors can be fragile. Once you’ve removed the bad sensor, simply replace it with a compatible replacement. Remember to replace the wiring and the lid for hassle-free replacement. Clear your error code and see if it solves the issue, otherwise you may have a frayed wire or other damaged component.

Check out free online guides to learn more about signs of a damaged flexplate, MAF sensor or other auto part. A Chevy Silverado flexplate & ring gear repair guide gives you the information you need to remove a cracked plate and replace it, so you can quickly restore your ride without continuing to live with the consequences of a bad MAF sensor or damaged flexplate. Enjoy a long-lasting, efficient ride without paying too much for replacement parts or professional services.