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Common Mistakes Made by New Businesses which They can Learn From

Mistakes are not uncommon in new businesses. Your perfect plan for a new business idea may not go as planned, and a few pitfalls are inevitable. The trick is to dust yourself as an entrepreneur and try again. You should always remember that even the most successful business leaders have made some mistakes, and they have managed to overcome their problems by learning from them. Below are some common mistakes made by new businesses from which they can learn.

Not Doing Research when Sourcing for Suppliers

A business cannot run without the support of reliable and affordable suppliers. Many new businesses tend to single-source their product suppliers, especially for logistics services such as parcel delivery. This makes them get uncompetitive quotes, yet the logistics industry is filled with reputable and reliable parcel delivery companies. Innovative companies such as ParcelBroker can be able to provide the reliable logistical support you may need in terms of parcel deliveries for your business at a fraction of the cost. This is why doing your research on the supply side is important when looking to procure goods or services as this is the only remedy for this kind of problem.

Not Knowing Your Customer

Many new businesses start off without knowing precisely who their target market is. This usually means that the business has to spend considerable effort and time trying to identify the right niche to address in the market place. This was one of the mistakes Steve Jobs made while at NeXT. One can learn from this by always doing the requisite research and getting feedback from customers on the prototype prior to the launch. This will enable proper identification of your target market. It is imperative to get feedback from various regions rather than from one place so that the market data is comprehensive.

Lack of Innovation

A lot of new businesses are finding out that physical stores are no longer necessary. This is because many customers now shop from the comfort of their homes through e-commerce websites like Amazon. They order the items and they are delivered to their location via a parcel delivery service or their staff. Given the fact that over three-quarters of the world will be using their cell phones to access the internet by 2025, the majority of the people will be able to order conveniently online. With this in mind, a new business that only maintains a physical store but no digital presence is bound to miss out on the lucrative market that is shopping online. It is prudent for such businesses to have an online presence.


Making mistakes is inevitable for new businesses, so you shouldn’t be afraid of such errors. One cannot really succeed in business without making mistakes. These errors make the business great in the long-term if one can learn from them. You can try to avoid the common mistakes listed in this article to boost your company’s growth.