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Cloak of billowing

cloak of billowing was a magical cloak that could spontaneously billow at its wearer’s command.

It was a magic item from the Forgotten Realms. It’s a cloak that billows like it was blowing in the wind at the wearer’s command. I suspect it was a joke about how heroes in fantasy are usually shown with their cloaks billowing in the wind, even if their hair doesn’t move an inch.


The cloak of billowing had the ability to swell and wave dramatically as if under an ominous wind, requiring very little effort from its wearer. There was no limit to how many times this ability could be activated.

Cloak of Billowing Guide

The Cloak of Billowing is a common thing that’s not tough to find. While magical, it is restricted to a single ability. While wearing the cloak, your character can use a bonus action to earn the cloak billow dramatically. That’s it. That’s what it does.

I know that it’s a lot to take in, but I think we could all agree this cloak has some intriguing possibilities. Keep reading to find out how this item could change your next effort.