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Brain Octane Oil: How It Works

Brain Octane oil has become famous because it helps with most of any diet types. It has a lot of benefits and good for any age bracket. It is also the main ingredient of Bulletproof coffee for the Bulletproof diet. People are splurging over this supplement but you do not have to. You will find great deals of Bulletproof brain octane oil and you do not have to pay a large amount if you want to try it also and see for yourself. Just a disclaimer: Brain Octane oil will not resolve all your diet issues, but it will help you boost your health.

Brain Octane oil may not be the answer to all of your health and diet dilemmas, but it will help you in many areas. It does not only work for people who are trying to lose weight but also for athletes, for busy people, and for those who want to boost their health. If you want to try Brain Octane oil, but you want to more about it, its benefits and how it works, this article will be a guide for you. This will help you to decide if you are going to try Brain Octane oil, or probably when you are going to buy:

  1. Brain Octane oil can be used for weight loss/fat burning

Brain Octane oil is popularly known as the main ingredient of Bulletproof coffee for the Bulletproof diet. It is because it helps in the fat burning process. It eliminates your food cravings by feeling full. Hunger feeling will be lessened without you feeling weak and distracted. When you take Brain Octane oil, it converts to ketones which are the energy source of the body.

Also, Brain Octane oil is odorless and tasteless which is the reason why it is okay to mix it with any food or drinks of your choice. Before starting your day, drizzle some of this to your meal and this will help you to have a good day ahead. It eliminates your food cravings so it will prevent you from overeating for the rest of the day. It also increases your metabolic rate. It will help flush the toxins including stored fats in your system.

  1. Brain Octane oil as an alternative for energy drinks

Bulletproof Coffee is a go-to coffee of the retired famous and professional football player David Beckham. If a professional athlete trusts a product with Brain Octane oil, why will you not? The founder of Brain Octane oil claims that this product improves brain performance. When you take Brain Octane oil, it turns into ketones which is a source of energy that does not have any content of sugar. Unlike other energy drinks, it can increase your blood sugar level because it has a lot of sugar content and also high in calories. Also, some energy drinks can give you a jittery and nervousness feeling. You will feel uneasy for no reason. Brain Octane oil can fuel your body and brain without giving you uneasy and uncomfortable feelings.

  1. Brain Octane oil for salad dressings

If you want your salad to be healthier and richer in nutrients, adding Brain Octane oil on your dressing would be the best thing to do. If you will eat salad for dinner and then add Brain Octane oil on it, surely in the morning all the toxins in your body will be flushed out because Brain Octane oil works with metabolism as well. Moreover, Brain Octane oil is odorless and tasteless. It will not change the taste or add smell on your salad. It will keep its original taste and smell. One example ingredient of a salad dressing with Brain Octane oil is this:

Apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp)

Brain Octane oil (instead of coconut or olive oil)

Sea salt


  1. To lower carb intake

Intake of Brain Octane oil does not necessarily mean to totally eliminate white rice, white bread, and pasta on your diet. It only means that it works and provide energy on the body like how carbohydrates do. With Brain Octane oil, you can lessen your carb intake. This will have two benefits on your body: help you lose weight, and lowering your blood sugar level. Also, Brain Octane oil helps in slowing down the distribution of carbohydrates in the body. If you drizzle Brain Octane oil in your rice or any sort of carbohydrates and sweets on your meal, the metabolism will take its time. That is why there is something called “sugar rush” where you feel high energy after eating sweets but it also quickly defuse. What the Brain Octane oil does is it slows down the distribution of sugar all throughout the system. You will feel energized but not high in energy. There is enough energy for you and for the rest of the day withouth making you feel very tired after.