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Bounce House and Inflatable Castle: Safety Rules to Follow

Child safety is essential, even during play-time! Most children love to play and jump around the bounce houses and inflatable castles. Even though inflatable castles are not as risky as trampolines, but there’s always room for implementing safety rules.

Recently, few fatal bounce house fails and accidents were making rounds on the news columns. The rides on inflatable castles have no danger. But, the root cause of the accidents has been wrong installation and messy falls. Sometimes, the elements can go against you! Forceful winds and inferior quality anchoring can make the entire inflatable structure collapse. The bounce house can also become airborne, which can result in severe accidents and injuries. Hence, it is essential to book your inflatable and bounce houses from a reputed rental company. To know more, get in touch with the best moonwalk rentals service providers.

However, that isn’t all! It is essential to implement smart security measures. The important ones are listed below:

  • Proper grounding

The bounce house must get adequately grounded. Both parents and party hosts should ensure a secure anchor for the inflatable structure. Stalk the four corners tightly so that it doesn’t get detached, even in the worst-case scenario. You should request for trained staff from a bounce house rental company. Ensure that they install the bounce house correctly without any errors.

  • Analyze the weather condition

Many outdoor accidents happen because of sudden weather changes. Climatic extremes like storms, rains, wind gusts, and sudden lightning can pose a risk on children playing on inflatable amusement devices. If you know the weather can get messy with winds and torrential rain, refrain from installing the bounce house. And if the weather change is sudden, stop all activities on the bounce house instantly and get your children indoors. There have been incidents where bounce houses got blown away by strong winds. Don’t let that happen to your child or any other kid. Exercise ample caution and decide wisely.

  • Age-based decisions

Kids of various ages play on a bounce house. Allow them to jump and bounce on the inflatable’s based on their age. Make sure that a four-year kid doesn’t get into a bounce house where you have teenagers. It might pose a danger on the kid’s movement, and he/she may get hurt amongst the older kids.

  • Keep a vigilant eye

Don’t get the bounce house installed and go away. Keep a tab on the kid’s movement. It’s best to assign this duty to a person so that you can attend other household chores. Bounce houses often have holes in the sides. Sometimes, a kid can slip through that and get trapped inside the netting. These accidents happen within a flip of a second. Hence, you should be very observant and cautious.

  • Stay away from deflating inflatable castles

Sometimes a bounce house can collapse if there’s no power or the cord gets unplugged. The kids can get trapped within and have a fatal fall. Similar accidents have been happening all over the world. So, make sure that the generator has sufficient gas and doesn’t run out suddenly.

These are the essential tips you need to keep in mind to avoid bounce house accidents. You can ask a bounce house rental company for more safety measures to implement.