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Benefits Of Getting CT Scan Done In Best Ct Scan Center In Bangalore

With the advancement of technology news ways for everything are coming up. Even our hospitals have taken up to new technology.

What is a CT scan?

A CT scan is also known as Computerized Tomography.

  • It uses a combination of X-ray technique that produces images of one’s body
  • It even allows the doctor to see inside one’s body
  • It shows a detailed picture of one’s organs, bones, and other tissues than a regular X-ray
  • CT scan can be done on any part of your body
  • The procedure is painless and does not take too long

How does CT scan work?

Narrow X-ray that circles one’s body provides many images from different angles. It is a 2D scan.  The process is repeated several times. This is done to create a detailed picture of one’s organs.

How are CT scans done?

One can get a CT scan done at a hospital or CT scan centers. There is CT scan availability in many places nowadays, but doctors still tell patients to visit Bangalore as there is best ct scan center in Bangalore. Doctors usually advise patients not to eat or drink anything before CT scan. And they even ask one to remove all metal objects and wear a hospital gown. still, in India, it is advised by many doctors to visit a hospital in Mumbai for a CT Scan.

CT scan is performed by a radiology technologist. One is made to lie on a table which is kept inside a CT machine which is doughnut- shaped. The table slowly moves through the scanner and so does the X-rays. There is a buzzing noise that comes.One needs to stay still so that images are not blurred. One might have to hold their breath.

After the CT scan is done one can return to a normal routine. If one was given contrast material, then one must follow certain guidelines that one has been advised to follow. Drink a lot of fluid to remove contrast fluid from your body parts.

What is it used for?

It is used for-

  • Detecting tumors and complex bone fractures
  • Help doctors spot any cancer or heart disease
  • Show internal injuries and bleeding
  • Help locate a blood clot

What are the benefits of a CT Scan?

Benefits of getting CT scan done in best ct scan center in Bangalore are-

  • More effective medical management by finding out when getting surgeries is necessary
  • More effective medical management reduces the need for getting exploratory surgeries
  • More effective medical management helps in improving the treatment of cancer and its diagnosis
  • More effective medical management reduces time of hospitalization

What are the principal advantages of city scan?

  • Fast acquiring of images
  • Clear and specific information
  • View organs on a large scale

 Are there any risks?

  • Radiation exposure-Ionizing radiation is produced by X- rays which are used in CT scans. These rays might damage DNA and can cause cancer. With every CT scan, you get your chances of cancer increase.
  • Harm to unborn babies– And especially it is harmful to children and pregnant women. To avoid exposing their baby to radiation pregnant moms should inform their doctors so that the doctor may advise them some other exam.
  • Reactions to contrast material– In some cases doctor recommends for contrast material. It is somewhat a drink that you will be asked to drink. Contrast material is likely to cause allergy.

What is contrast material?

Contrast material is a special dye that helps to highlight certain areas of one’s body being examined. The contrast material helps in blocking X-rays.

Contrast material is given by three means –

By mouth, by injection, and by enema.

  • By mouth- You may have to drink a liquid that contains contrast material if your esophagus is being scanned or stomach is being scanned.
  • By injection– Through a vein in one’s arm contrast material can be injected. This will let your gall bladder, urinary tract, liver or blood vessels stand out on the images. You are likely to experience a metallic taste in your mouth.
  • By enema– To help visualize your intestine contrast material may be inserted in your rectum. This may make you feel uncomfortable.