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Benefits of Dominican Citizenship that you Didn’t Know

If you are looking into options of countries of which you can obtain a second citizenship, there is no reason why you should overlook the Commonwealth of Dominica. It offers a heavenly landscape along with a world-class population.

The economic and political stability of the nation allow its visa holders to visit more than 115 nations visa-free. Also, if you are taking the route of obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment, you do not have to announce it to the masses, it is a confidential process.

Read along to know many more benefits of having Dominican citizenship as your second.

  1. General and Wealth Benefits

When you are a Dominican citizen, you can freely live in a land carved by nature to be one of the finest. Further, the fact that you have invested in such a beautiful country’s economy will make you feel more enriched.

Dominican passport offers great mobility with flawless international relations with powerful nations like European Union countries, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Russia, etc.

You can protect and create more wealth here since it is one of the few countries with minimal taxation laws. Here, you will not have to pay gift, foreign income, inheritance, wealth, and capital gains tax. You can choose to work here or anywhere else too. Yes, you do not have to mandatorily reside in the Dominican Republic before or after obtaining citizenship.

  1. Lifestyle Benefits

If you are tired of living in a concrete jungle that your motherland has become, you can obtain Dominican citizenship by investment to enjoy the tranquil lifestyle here. It is considered one of the happiest places on this planet with an impressive number of centurions.

Furthermore, it is a land that appears like the perfect mélange of culture and natural beauty. All individuals here seem more focused on enriching their experience of life by helping others. Plus, everyone is living in harmony in this land surrounded by turquoise waters and covered with lush-greed, rugged mountains.

Ecotourism is at peat on this island since 1998 when the Morne Trois Pitons National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  1. Business Advantages

The Dominica citizenship cost is nowhere more than the growth opportunities this land has in store for you. The fiscal concessions and other incentives provided by the Dominican Government increase the ease of doing business here. The sole purpose of the government here is to encourage the establishment of more and more ventures here for the economic development of the land.

It is an investment hub with minimal taxation, double taxation treaties with USA and the CARICOM, and duty-free access to several other markets.

To strengthen the economic advantages of living here, the East Caribbean Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar at a fixed rate.

The Dominican Republic is a small yet strong nation when it comes to international mobility and the ease of doing business. Then again, its environment and calm remain unaffected because of the love for nature and culture that perfumes its air. So, there are little places better than the Dominican Republic when planning to apply for second citizenship through investment.