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Beautiful house Modern bedroom design -2020 Dream Home Decoration

With the onset of 2020, we get a brand new set of 365 days. To welcome this new beginning, we often alter and improve our living spaces. This action is a great way to bring improvement and positive change in our lives. One of, if not the most crucial environment in our life is our bedroom. For most of us, it is our haven and sanctuary where we can unwind and leave our troubles behind, at the foot of the door. By organising and revamping our bedroom, we can boost our mood as well. Here are five tips with which you can bring a clean and modern look to your bedroom. 


  • Switch up your bed


The first item on the list of changes should be to change up the bed. Alter the setting, sheets and even the foundation. Try placing climate or season suited bedding. If it’s winter or cold where you’re situated, put heavy bedding made of wool blends that will impart warmth and keep you comfortable. However, during summer, use soft, breathable fabric like cotton and linens to keep you cool. Don’t limit yourself only to the surface. You can even try changing up your mattress. Take some time and figure out the specifications that you would like your mattress to have and find out a new one with big sandy superstore polaris.

  • Go sustainable

There’s no other time than now to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. Building around this very idea, make eco-friendly changes to your bedroom which will not only make your quiet space fresh and will prevent harmful wastage and global degradation. To implement this idea, try using biodegradable and organic materials like jute, cotton and even coir. Use braided ropes to hang plant pots, and keep minimal furniture. You can try thrifting furniture, which will be easy on your pocket as well. If you’re looking to change up your bed as well, you can opt for an organically produced mattress. For reference, check out this latex hybrid mattress review.

  • Be Luxe

On the other hand, you can splurge and make your bedroom an area of opulence. Luxury bedrooms is a prevalent concept right now, and you can try jumping on that bandwagon too. To change up your space, you can install heavy velvet or damask curtains, and tapestry. Using colours like off white, eggshell, cream, light beige and pearly white will most definitely make your room look luxurious. Throw on some silk sheet and large pillows on your bed, to make it look grand. You can even leap and purchase a luxury mattress online if you want to indulge yourself to the maximum.

  • Minimalistic

Clean spaces mean clean living. This mantra is the root of the minimalist movement that has taken the world by storm. Minimalism, which means having the bare minimum, is a great concept to apply in your bedroom. This concept imparts a clean and soothing look to the room and allows you to relax genuinely. It’s also a great way to minimise clutter and requires comparatively low maintenance. It also facilitates the entry of natural light into a room, which makes one feel rejuvenated.

  • Tweak little

Changing your living space doesn’t have to mean spending a lot and altering the entire room. If you’re low on budget or don’t want to make any significant changes, try to bring one or two changes to the room. Ensure that these changes are valuable to you and will make a difference to your bedroom, and then you can implement them. One of the best ways to change your bedroom is changing the centrepiece, the bed. Bring in new sheets based on your budget, and add-in more pillows or a plush toy. You can even change the mattress on a budget, as you can judge from this memory foam mattress price.