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Basic facts you need to know about Peptides

Peptides is certainly not a new term to most people. Even if you have never sat through a biology or biochemistry class ever, you must have heard the mention of the term in cosmetic advertisements or skincare commercials. So, by now, you have a fair idea that peptides are important and really powerful ingredients. But, what exactly are peptides? Are these same as proteins? What makes them so hyped in the cosmetic world?

Let’s get to know a few basic facts about peptides to clarify some of your doubts about this component. But, before you read on, don’t forget to check Loti Labs for all the details about peptides.

Defining the peptides

To offer a definition of peptides, these are naturally found short chain amino acid monomers that are connected by the amide bonds. In simple words, these are the building blocks of protein that resemble the molecular structures of smaller proteins. It includes multiple hormones, antibiotics, and similar other substances that are involved in the biological functions of the living beings.

Differences between protein and peptides

People frequently confuse peptides with proteins, even though both of these are remarkably different. The main distinguishing factors between protein and peptides are structure and size. Proteins are bigger than peptides. Usually, peptides are molecules that have two to fifty amino acids, but proteins have at least fifty or more amino acids. 

Moreover, peptides are not as well-defined structurally as proteins are. Proteins can easily take up complex formations like tertiary, secondary, or quaternary structures. Peptides are subdivided as oligopeptides that have two to twenty amino acids and polypeptides that have more amino acids than twenty. Formation of proteins needs the joining of one or multiple polypeptides. Thus, proteins are large peptides, but these two are definitely not the same thing.

The reasons behind the popularity of peptides

So, the reason why you have noticed this ever-growing popularity of peptides is because these amino acid blocks offer multiple benefits to us. First off, peptides are helpful in increasing collagen production in skin, which reduces wrinkles and age spots, and gives you a younger looking skin. And, now you know why the cosmetic industry loves this component.

Peptides also have other important properties. These are known to bring down inflammation, improve immunity, kill bacteria and microbes, control hypertension, prevent blood clotting, and induce faster wound healing. The demand for peptides comes from various industries, right from cosmetics to medicine. 

The biologically-active peptides

Biologically-active peptides are also known as bioactive peptides. These are defined as particular portions of two to twenty amino acid proteins that have valuable biological effects. Bioactive peptides contain anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-adipogenic, antioxidant properties. The bioactive peptides are widely used in the cosmetics and health industry for the numerous beneficial effects it has on the human body.

Summing up

Hopefully, this answers your basic queries and doubts about peptides. Keep in mind that though it is a highly potent ingredient, there are many counterfeit peptide products available in the market. So, verify before buying any product claiming to have peptides.