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All You Need to Know About Basement Window Installation in Ontario

Although basements are not used for the location of living rooms, technological window openings also need high-quality glazing. Vinyl Light Company knows all about how to do it correctly. It installs basement windows in Ontario, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, and other cities in Canada. The company has thousands of finished projects and satisfied customers under its belt. Therefore, it’s worth listening to its advice regarding the selection and installation of plastic basement windows.

Basements are usually used to equip warehouses, utility rooms, shops, and all kinds of business facilities. Accordingly, the choice of windows should be based on the peculiarities of using this place in your case.

Basement Windows Features

The maximum amount of natural light is the main thing everyone expects from a window. But it is even more important that the basement window protects against moisture: rain, snow, condensation. It should also prevent birds, wild animals, and insects from entering the premises. Make sure the window opens easily and the room can be easily ventilated.

Arranging Windows in the Basement

Hinged plastic windows with a height of about 500 mm are used in basement rooms. Often, they are additionally protected by metal gratings. If you want the basement to receive as much daylight as possible, its area should be at least 1/8 of the floor area. If the basement is used as a warehouse, laundry, or other utility room, it is sufficient that the glazing area occupies 1/12 of the floor area.

If there is high humidity, you may need to install drainage. It will help keep excess moisture away from the windows and prevent mold growth.

Basement Windows Installation and Assembly

The width of the foundation is usually wider than standard walls; so, the installation of the basement window is done at the maximum extension. It helps to select the window frame exactly according to the size of the opening and avoid the occurrence of condensation and mold during further operation.

 Plastic basement windows installation takes several stages:

  1. The work surface is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Supports are installed under the future window frame.
  3. The main structure is fixed with screws, anchors, or plates. Then, the structure is aligned horizontally and vertically. It helps to avoid the window’s deformation and spontaneous opening.
  4. Along the entire perimeter, the gaps are sealed with silicone sealant or foam. It’s important because there are no drafts or leaks afterward.
  5. Glazing of the structure takes place.

It is impossible to do all this on your own. You need the help of a professional team that uses high-precision industrial equipment in its work and knows all the installation’s rules and features.