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Admin RDP Is Better Or A VPN

Most of the time we use services like VPN, VPS, or RDP to change the IP. If our goal is to change the IP, all these services can do it, and in fact, the main issue is which of these services is better for this. In my opinion, the choice between Admin RDP or VPN depends on the service or website you intend to use. Let’s first look at the differences between the two services and then explain the reasons for choosing between the two options.

What Is A VPN?

VPN creates an encrypted connection from where you connect to the Internet and sends it to another region, usually another country, and then inserts it into the public Internet. This procedure will change your IP address and the actual location of your internet connection will no longer be known. The server accesses the new IP address and does not provide the original IP address. Due to this, your real information will not be provided to you when using sensitive sites.

The first problem with VPN is its speed. When you use a VPN, your information is sent to another country that is a long way from where you live, then this information is sent to the server and then again to your computer or smartphone during this distance. Due to this, your connection speed will decrease.

What Is Admin RDP?

Admin RDP is like a computer embedded in a piece of a server virtually. Admin RDP is created by virtualization systems such as VMware. Inside the admin RDP, you can do everything you can on your computer. Although VPN is only used to change IP, RDP is like a computer in a country like the United States where you rent it and connect to it virtually via the RDP protocol platform. It is true that both of these services are similar to changing the user’s IP, but there are many differences.

Keep in mind that RDP does not change the IP of your system, but gives you a platform through which you can connect to another virtual computer with a different IP, work in it, and use its webspace.

Admin RDP Is Better Or VPN?

One of the problems with using a VPN is the security of your information. To solve this issue, you either have to use the VPN that you have created yourself or to order a VPN from a very reliable and popular VPN provider.

Depending on your goal of changing the IP and the service you are using, you should choose VPN or admin RDP. If you use a service or website that has no problem changing your IP each time or displaying your own system IP, it is better to use a VPN. But there are some services that will block you if your own IP appears or your IP changes every time. In this case, it is better to use admin RDP. As mentioned, RDP gives you space as like as you are on another computer, and this computer has a dedicated IP that will never change. In this case, you will not be afraid of being blocked because your IP has changed.


With a VPN or admin RDP you can connect to the destination website using another IP, but with the difference that RDP provides more security to do the job. The advantage of RDP is that you work inside the RDP environment and you will not have a problem with changing the IP. Also, RDP, like your computer, has an operating system and space, and you can use it to store information. When you order an RDP admin, you will be given a dedicated IP and you will no longer have a problem changing the IP.