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A Guide to Renting and Living in Brooklyn

New York City is seen by many as the capital of the world, and is pretty expensive to live in. Rent and other utilities often come with heavy price tags. However, there is more than one borough in NYC. Even though living in Brooklyn may be pricey, there are ways of living on a budget if you are wise and do some research first. 

Manhattan is more expensive than Brooklyn. The median rental in Manhattan is $3150 in Manhattan while it is around $2500 in Brooklyn. That’s $650 cheaper which could be spent on groceries or even clothing. Brooklyn is a great alternative to Manhattan especially for those who cannot make it with the high cost of living. 

What is the cost of living in Brooklyn?

To better understand the cost of living in Brooklyn, here are a few median prices for necessities. The average home could cost around $557 000 and a regular pair of jeans may cost around $59. The cost of living depends on the neighbourhood you choose in Brooklyn. 

The cost of living will indeed get higher if you live in a high-end neighbourhood so choose wisely. DUMBO is one of the iconic Brooklyn neighbourhoods located just under the Brooklyn Bridge. Some of the amazing neighbourhoods in Brooklyn include Greenpoint, Park Slope and DUMBO. 

There are options like renting furnished rooms in Brooklyn which will save you lots of money in any neighbourhood. These are shared housing options and offer people a better way of living at an affordable price. 

These homes come with fully furnished rooms and communal areas like the kitchen, bathroom and living room which you will share with other residents. Things like tea, sugar, milk and coffee are often included in the cost but you will have to cook your own food. These places often have free wifi and cleaning services which you will pay included in your rental. 

The key is being able to live cohesively with others and possibly even draw up a schedule that is convenient for everyone involved. In some cases, the roommates get along well and make long lasting friendships which make it so much better living together. 

They even opt to take turns cooking for the group to lighten the load and make it fun to live together. This makes it possible for people to live in nice areas and experience benefits that they otherwise would not be able to afford. The only thing that they would have to get used to is sharing spaces and appliances. 

There are many variations and options for you to choose from, however, if you are looking for something more affordable then you should consider Fort Greene, Flatbush, Red Hook and Bushwick. 

It is important to choose your neighbourhood wisely as it will have a direct impact on your living expenses. Even though the cost of living can get pretty expensive, it is best to live within your means and look for something within your budget.