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9apps is a must have an alternative app store and it’s freely available

What is 9apps?

Google play is the official app store for Android while the iPhone and iPad have the apple store as the official app store. But these apps stores are quite restricted and charge a certain amount of money to download various apps and games. 9apps is an app store which provides you with the free versions of these apps and also has certain additional applications. So basically, 9apps is analternative app store.

Is 9apps freely available?

Yes, that is the most attractive feature of 9apps. It is freely available while downloading and even the apps you are downloading the 9apps store are freely available. Thus, you no longer need to pay for certain apps if they are available on 9apps store.

What is the minimum Android version required to download and use 9apps?

To use 9apps in your android device you need an android version of or anything higher than that. Versions older than that will not support 9apps on it or keep crashing repeatedly.

Is 9apps available for iPhone and other Apple devices? 

No at this moment 9apps is only available for Android devices and is not compatible with iOS or MacOS or any apple devices. 9apps is a third-party Android app store. So, it was built mainly for Android platforms.

What all does 9apps have?

9apps have all latest and recent versions of Android applications as well as a huge collection of different wallpapers and ringtones which you can access and use freely. It also has several freely available games.

Are 9 apps safe to use?

Yes, 9apps is safe to download and all the apps available on this store is safe. In case you wonder why 9apps is regarded as a third-party application despite being safe the reason is that the app is not owned by Google and thus regarded as a third-party application by Google. You do not need to worry as this app is completely free from any virus or any other malware. It will not cause any harm to your device.

Does 9apps have the desired speed like other app stores?

Yes, 9apps is faster than many other app stores commonly available. It is freely available as well as quite fast when it comes to performance. Thus, this app is widely preferred by many these days. People do not wish to pay for several apps as they can freely get it on 9apps. Thus, this app also helps to save a lot of money.

How to download and install 9apps on android?

You can visit the official 9apps website and then download it directly from there. You will be provided with an option to download 9apps for Indian users as well as 9apps for international users. Choose the option applicable for you. You will be given a warning while installation. Allow download from external sources and proceed to installation. That’s it, now you can use the 9apps on your device.