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7 Tips to Ensure a Healthy Back and Keep Your Spine Happy

It is not uncommon to experience pains, aches, and joint stiffness as we age. Millions of people complain of back pain every day. This could be due to poor spinal health or fall/injuries. As a result, patients seek Jonesboro treatment for back injuries. Sometimes, age is not a factor. As the bones and the intervertebral disks deteriorate gradually, one might experience issues in the function and flexibility of the spine.

Lower back pain and other painful symptoms could make you miss work, social activities, and adversely affect the quality of your life. When left untreated, it could make difficult to perform even the most mundane of daily tasks. You must take care of your spinal health and that includes your back and neck too. This could greatly reduce your chances of experiencing painful symptoms and lessen your visits to a Jonesboro chiropractor.

There are many things that you could do to ensure a healthy and happy spine that maintains its flexibility. Many of these steps are taken to improve your spinal health and involves better body mechanics. So, here are some simple yet very important adjustments you can make to your daily life to keep your back healthy:

Rest Your Spine When You Sleep

See that you give rest to your spine when you lay down to sleep. This is when your body relaxes, repairs itself, and feels rejuvenated. Invest in a mattress or pillows that let support your spine and let it rest. You should use a medium-firm mattress that keeps your spine naturally aligned. Getting good sleep is essential to preparing your body for the next day.

Those who sleep on their backs should try placing a pillow beneath the knees to reduce lower back stress. For side sleepers, it is recommended to place a pillow between the knees as this keeps the hips balanced. You can also try sleeping with a neck pillow that effectively provides support to the cervical spine.

Stay Active with Exercise

Your core muscles are located in your abdomen and lower back. They need to be supple and strong to efficiently support your spine and relieve any pressure from your lower back extremities. A person’s back issues could worsen after getting into an accident or a bad fall. This makes it necessary to consult and get treatment from car accident chiropractor Jonesboro for back injuries or whiplash issues.

There are higher chances of suffering from lower back pain if you are not physically fit or active. Staying active helps your body maintain a healthy spine, and a flexible body lessens the risk of injury. Starting your day with a couple of few good stretches can be both refreshing and boost spinal health. Sadly, most of us do not pay attention to using core muscles in routine. You have to do targeted exercise to keep them in perfect shape.You can check with your physician or physical therapist to know which of the exercises might suit you best.

Healthy Weight and Hydration

Your spine carries the major part of your body weight. If you are obese, overweight, or quickly gaining pounds, you should know that all of these are risk factors for lower back pain. You have to maintain a healthy weight along with a balanced diet. Stay hydrated as it helps in maintaining the elasticity and fluidity of your joints.

Our spinal disks are susceptible to damage and dehydration. The vertebral disks could begin to lose height due to loss of hydration. As the spinal disks shrink gradually, it can lead to a variety of painful disk conditions that could adversely impact the quality of life and make simple tasks painful to perform.

Pay Attention to Ergonomics

You must practice good ergonomics when sitting. Proper ergonomics can lessen the stress on both upper and lower areas of the back. This could significantly reduce the chances of painful conditions such as headaches, stiff back, sciatica, and carpal tunnel. When you sit, it puts stress on the discs in the lower back. So, avoid sitting for long periods as it could worsen your painful back condition.

You must pay attention to your office chair as it can play a substantial role in practicing a good posture and supporting the natural curves of your back. For those with a desk job, it might be difficult to avoid sitting for hours, but make sure that you get up, stretch, or walk around a little bit at least once in an hour. The spine needs movement to stay healthy.

Buy the Right Shoes

Whether you are walking to work or in the park, the shoes that you are wearing play a key role in supporting your lower back and improve your posture. Wearing good shoes provide your feet comfort and a supportive base that helps your spine in staying aligned. The back of your shoe should snugly fit the back of your heel and not be overly tight.

Get a Massage 

Massages are therapeutic. They soothe the muscles and have relaxing effects on the overall body. There are multiple benefits of a good massage including increasing blood flow, triggering relaxing feelings and loosening the connective tissues and tight muscles. Some evidence has been found that suggests that your body gets more stress-relief benefits and relaxation with a moderate-level massage compared to a light-touch massage.

Lifting Things the Right Way

It is all about posture! Your posture plays a key role in aggravating or reducing your painful back symptoms. If you are not careful while lifting an object, you can twist the wrong way and end up hurting your spine. Always stand close to the object, and use your knees and legs to pull up the item rather than your upper body or back. Try bending your knees so your arms are at the same level as the object. Keep your back straight and head down.

Wrapping up

Experts suggest never ignoring any warning signs. Pay attention to painful symptoms that might indicate a problem. It is common to have back pain once in a while, but if left untreated, it could aggravate something serious.