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6 Ways Owning a Hammock Will Change Your Life

If you’ve ever owned a hammock, you’ve experienced the ultimate in relaxation. There’s something special about hammocks that make them the ultimate way to relax – inside or outside.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had one, or if you’re completely new to hammocks, here are 6 ways owning a hammock will change your life.

1. Some hammock purchases make a significant difference in the world

When looking for a hammock, your main priority is obviously going to be comfort, with style coming in at a close second. However, some hammocks provide unparalleled comfort while helping communities, too.

The Yellow Leaf Hammock company, for example, hires weavers from the Mlabri Tribe in Thailand to make the world’s most comfortable hammocks. Each purchase helps working mothers in the community to support their families while doing work they enjoy.

Unlike other companies that donate a portion of profits to communities in need, hiring local weavers directly cuts down on the cost of the middlemen. This allows the weavers to earn a good living and keeps hammock prices affordable.

2. Hammocks provide unparalleled comfort

When you have the option of relaxing in a chair, a bean bag, or a hammock, the hammock will provide optimal relaxation. Even though bean bag chairs are pretty comfortable, they start to become uncomfortable after a short time. Hammocks, on the other hand, stay comfortable for longer periods of time.

3. Resting in a hammock can feel like a vacation

If you can’t take a picturesque seaside vacation where you’ll be served cocktails in a private hammock on the shore, having a hammock at home is the next best thing.

Having a hammock on your porch can make you feel like you’re on vacation. You’ll have to serve your own cocktails, and you might not like the view as much, but you can close your eyes and visualize being at the beach.

4. Naps in hammocks are unbeatable

The gentle swaying motion from sitting in a hammock is extremely relaxing. It’s almost like being in a rocking chair, but it doesn’t take as much effort to sway, and it’s not as abrupt.

Swaying back and forth in a hammock stimulates the vestibular system, which directly results in relaxation. Studies have shown that sleeping in a hammock often helps people fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. The gentle rocking motion of being in a hammock stimulates the brain in ways that sleeping in a bed can’t accomplish. That stimulation is the key to relaxation.

Most people know that gently rocking a baby will help them fall asleep. The same applies to adult humans. People fall asleep faster when their bed is gently rocked. A bed that rocks increases the length of N2 sleep, which accounts for about half of a person’s sleep for the night.

These sleep studies also showed an increase in sleep spindles displayed on an electroencephalogram. Sleep spindles are associated with neuroplasticity and are a sign that the brain is actively working to induce tranquility.

5. A hammock will bring you off the ground when camping

Camping usually comes with a few unexpected challenges, including problems with your campsite. For example, the ground might be prone to collecting water and flooding, or it might be slightly sloped.

If you’re not tied to a campsite, you can always look a little harder for a better spot. However, if you’ve paid for a campsite and can’t switch your location, a hammock will get you off the ground.

Most people can manage sleeping on the ground if it’s slightly sloped, but that’s a deal-breaker for some. With a couple of trees or even a hammock stand just in case – you never have to worry about uneven, sloped, or wet ground when camping. In fact, once you sleep in a hammock when camping, you’ll never go back to your tent. Just make sure you cover yourself with a mosquito net.

6. You can hang a hammock inside your house

Not many people realize they can put a hammock in their house. Some hammocks come with a stand, but others can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with special brackets. Most homes are constructed in a way that will accommodate a hammock that can carry the weight of an adult.

Hammocks are simple, yet life-changing

If you want to change your life, get a hammock for your porch or bedroom. Owning a hammock will be the best investment you’ll make in supporting your ability to relax and get a good night’s sleep.