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6 Tips on How to Choose the Right Ski Accommodation

If you are planning a holiday and hope to find the best ski in ski out accommodation in Falls Creek then there is a lot to choose from. If it is for the first time that you’re going to Falls Creek, book a ski accommodation for your family. Here are some tips to choose the best ski accommodation:

  1. Early Booking

Whatever it may, plan your holiday in advance and book a ski resort before it gets reserved. Most of the family who comes to the mountain during New Year, book their rooms 1 or 2 seasons ahead. If you go for last minute booking, either you will end up paying more or in some inconvenient location.

  1. Ski in /Out

You can select any ski in ski out option of accommodation. It means you put the ski on the second you set your foot out of the door and ski down sloping towards the chairlift. Same is applied when skiing back to the accommodation while returning.

If you are a first timer, try to find accommodation near to any beginner runs. You can pick up the ski or snowboard and return to the hotel easily.

  1. Apartment

If you are booking an apartment, you will get all amenities just like home. Apartments are spacious providing you fabulous kitchens where you prepare your meals easily. In some of the luxurious hotels you may need to wait for a long time during lunch and not forget their exorbitant prices. So if you are on a particular budget, having a kitchen is really affordable to save some money.

  1. On Mountain

Some of the families like to have off mountain accommodation and travels each day. To stay on base part of the mountain is substantially cheaper if you have a certain budget. But there are some disadvantages too:

  • You need to travel up and down to the mountain every time which takes a lot of time.
  • If you feel like to get back but family is not there, then you have to wait in some café and rest.
  • If you plan to eat on the mountain restaurant, you should be prepared for waiting in long queues and order from costly menus.
  • In some adverse weather condition, the mountain road sometimes gets closed. It may even not open for two days.
  • If you stay off the mountain, hire a ski gear.
  1. Party Centre, Driveway, Sauna and Pool

After a tiring day of skiing and when you want to spend some time in ski scenes, it may be filled with the party lovers. There are a lot of party spots on the mountain.

If you get an option to select the accommodation that has got a drive in/out, you should offload before getting parked. It is best to get your luggage out from the car at your apartment and no need to worry about your kids also. It is not necessary to stay in any luxury hotel for pool. After a tiring day, soak in the spa or sauna and end your day.

  1. Dry Rooms and Congestion

Dry space is necessary to keep your ski gear to dry in the night. It becomes nice and toast like when you are about to go for skiing the next day. To wear wet clothes is also a very worse kind of feeling. In your accommodation you should you have a hot room to dry up your things.

During the peak season, it is obvious the resorts and hotels get overcrowded. On each mountain there will be 1 or 2 spots of entry point and a hub of ticket, to shop and for dining facilities. So it is better to avoid accommodations of these areas if you want a quiet environment.

Summary: These are some of the practical tips which you can consider to book ski accommodation. Have a wonderful stay at Falls Creek and enjoy skiing.

Resource Box: Do your diligence to get the perfect ski in ski out accommodation for every family member. Try to stay safe with your kids and have a blast. The ski season is during the month of June to October.