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6 Essential Items Disappearing Fast During the Coronavirus

When the COVID-19 pandemic initially became a problem in the United States, many products flew off the shelves faster than they could be restocked. For about a month, items like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, rice, and pasta were nowhere to be found. Stores were able to stock items in small quantities, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the increase in demand. Many cities didn’t see fully-stocked shelves for three months.

With the number of coronavirus cases rising once more, the United States is likely headed for another round of strict lockdowns. If you haven’t prepared for a long-term lockdown, let the first round of shortages guide you toward making the right purchases.

Here’s what you need to buy before the next round of lockdowns hits.

  1. Firearms and ammunition

If you’ve had a certain kind of firearm on your list for a while, but you’ve been dragging your feet to make the purchase, do it now. The cost of both firearms and ammunition has risen about three times; ammunition now costs a dollar or more per round.

If you can’t find what you need at your local gun shops, use an online gun store and stock up on ammunition before prices rise even higher. If you’re planning on going to the range any time soon, stock up now because even if you don’t mind paying higher prices, supplies could run out fast.

If you don’t shoot for sport and you don’t own a gun, you may want to consider getting at least one firearm for personal protection. Although thousands of first-time gun owners in America have been driven to purchase a firearm out of panic, owning a gun doesn’t mean you’re living in fear.

  1. Meat and frozen vegetables

No matter how big or small your freezer is, it’s a wise move to stock it full of meat and vegetables. Make sure you have a good variety of frozen foods as well like tamales, pot pies, pizzas, and even ice cream.

There were shortages during the first round of lockdowns and they will come again, potentially worse than the first time. Processing plants have been closed across the nation and those closures will continue to affect the entire supply chain.

Stock up on the frozen foods you and your family would want to eat for long periods of time in case you can’t go out to a restaurant or grab fast food on the way home.

  1. Duplicates of items you can’t live without

What would you do if you needed a new pair of shoes, but all the stores that sell your particular shoe are closed? If your favorite shoes are popular, you can expect them to sell out online fast.

Duplicates of other necessary items that can wear out during a lockdown might come in handy, too. For example, dog harnesses, socks, and underwear.

If there are any items you can’t live without or you can’t find an equal substitute for, now is the time to buy duplicates.

  1. Pin-back buttons for jeans

What would you do if the button busted off of your favorite pair of jeans while you’re on lockdown and all the repair shops were closed? 

To save yourself the potential hassle of trying to sew, get some pin-back buttons. All you do is poke the pin through the jean material close to where the button used to be, and hammer a button onto the pin. You’ll end up with a button that is nearly impossible to break off ever again. 

  1. Storable foods

Next time you’re at the store, grab a bunch of storable foods like pasta, rice, beans, and legumes. Hit the canned food aisle and stock up on items like:

  • Tunafish 
  • Chili and chili beans
  • Tomatoes 
  • Olives
  • Spam 
  • Vegetables like green beans and asparagus
  • And any other canned food you’ll want to eat
  1. Cleaning supplies

You saw the disinfectant wipes, spray cleaners, and hand sanitizer fly off the shelves during the last lockdown. Don’t be caught without these items during the next round. Stock up on all the cleaning supplies you need to maintain your household for a potential extended lockdown scenario. For example, get dish soap, laundry soap, sponges, spray cleaners, and anything else you noticed sold out during the first lockdown.

Be prepared, but don’t hoard

When preparing your household for the next potential series of lockdowns, get enough supplies for you and your family, but don’t hoard. Leave some product on the shelves for others who are also trying to get prepared.