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6 Different Criteria You Need to Follow While Buying a New House!

Are you looking to buy a house in Sydney? Nowadays project homes with a subdivision are really popular.  But when all the houses look the same, how do you choose the best house? Here are some criteria you should consider while choosing a house.

  • Appearance & natural light.

The fact that they were not designed with a particular site in mind is something to bear in mind with project homes. So, you have to make sure that whatever ‘ model ‘ is built on a block makes the best use of its aspect.

A garden facing north or northeast is the ideal place, especially in Sydney when you need to capture all the winter sun you can get. And you need to make sure the home’s living areas share this aspect and the windows are in a good position to bring that sunlight into the house.

  • Gardens

Landscaping is expensive and years go by before for a garden to grow and look established. Older areas have this one main benefit over new areas. And the manner in which the gardens are maintained influences the general streetscape and gives a big indication of how the neighbours particular about the look of their house and the surrounding area. The more beautiful the street, the more desirable it is, which positively affects saleability.

  • Size of the block.

A subdivision is generally developed in stages, each estate being released after the sale of the previous estate. We often find that the previous releases have larger block sizes than the newer stages. The reason for this is that at the start of the sales program the developers want to set a high base price.

Obviously, on a larger plot, you can have more house plus a larger garden. But placing on the block is also important.  If you end up buying a two-story house, you’ll get more space for the garden.

  • The condition of the house.

some owners are champion when it comes to keeping their homes clean and in good condition. But if the house was rented by the owners there are high chances that it won’t be well kept.

  • Neighbours and neighbourhood.

This is difficult to determine, but some streets have a reputation for being great to live in. Keep an eye out for community-sensitive people. For example, some streets are holding an annual Xmas street party while others are entering the spirit with a spectacular light show.

The general standard of maintenance is a good indication of a quality neighborhood. Are the lawns mowed or cars on them parked? Have the fences and trims been painted freshly? See if the neighbourhood has grocery shops, hospitals, Plumbers and drainage contractors, etc. nearby.

  • Warranty period

 Keep in mind that all newly built residential property comes with a homeowner’s warranty insurance policy. The homeowners’ warranty expires after 7 years so make sure you get your solicitor to check whether the property you are buying is still under warranty. If so, it would pay for a more thorough inspection of the building – one that can be used to lodge a claim for a warranty if necessary. Don’t let this date slip through because once it’s gone, you won’t have a chance to claim it.

So, these are the criteria that you need to examine your prospective house against before you make a buy. If you follow the above-mentioned things, you are sure to find your perfect home!