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5 Visual Content Marketing Tips for 2020

People wanting to create visual marketing content will have to first take a look at 2020 marketing trends. It is important to understand what is relevant for today’s audience and use tools that they can relate to. Visual marketing is changing constantly and in order to be effective, one must learn the ways or methods that are currently successful. 

Content marketing tips

  1. Invest in multimedia content

Videos and infographics are important, but marketers have been slow over the years to make the investment. This is slowly changing, and you will need to keep up with the trend. Video spend on certain content platforms have increased by nearly 50% this year, with an increase noted in the past six months. It is important not to create any kind of video, but rather create an explainer video and education series at the top of the feed and product videos and even case studies for the middle and bottom of the feed. 

  1. Embrace the relationship between the content and its audience 

It is important to see people as People and not just visitors. This is ultimately what will define you as a company or brand and set you apart from many others. Looking to create long lasting and meaningful relationships between your company and its audiences is more important and gratifying than just measuring the stats of who watched your video. Content marketing has gone through an ROI evolution within the past six years since content marketing gained its prevalence. In the beginning people were more concerned with numbers and reach like followers and pageviews. By the time we reached 2016 there was a greater focus on engagements such as whether people are sharing these videos and return visitors. It is also important to measure the amount of time one spends on your video. Now in 2020, marketers are more concerned with building lasting relationships. These include things like newsletter subscriptions and return visitors.

  1. Ungated content 

Ungated content is one way of building stronger relationships with people. When companies gate content, they often throw possible clients into a marketing funnel of hell. This happens when pages have things like online forms, which may see up to 80% of the visitors leave immediately and just 20% remain and fill in the form. This 20% are now contacted by the company’s marketing team and sales tends to harass the people who may have downloaded the content from the page with passive aggressive emails and cold calls. Then these people (20%) tend to regret their choice in downloading the content and filling the online form. They tend to actually kind of hate the company. 

In the long run you will gain more clients by allowing them to access your content instead f hiding it behind a lead form which effectively drives people farther away. 

  1. Get creative with compliance

Many marketers at highly regulated companies have ensured they found out ways of being creative in their work with compliance. In industries like financial services, healthcare and many other regulated industries, a poor working relationship with compliance can hinder the content program. 

  1. Create stories that are data driven

Brands have one main content advantage over media companies, propriety data and research. Research is one of the simplest ways to drive social engagement, press as well as backlinks. Take a closer look and you will surely find there is some newsworthy information that can be found inside your company too. 

Other tips?

  1. Invest in smarter distribution 

Many marketers make the great mistake of failing to invest in the distribution of their content. If you want to build an audience, you must be willing to use paid media, especially on Facebook which is still one of the most cost-effective content distribution channels. If the content is really good, paid distribution has an amazing trickle-down effect. It will eventually help you generate more email subscribers and social followers. This is known as the compounding returns of content. 

  1. Think like a teacher 

If you communicate your message well, you have the effect of making your audience feel smart. The best content marketing is one that has something new to teach its audience, and something that will help them make smarter decisions. There is no better way to build relationships with people than to help them to make their own decisions by providing them with important information. 

You should:

  • Meet the audience at their level and on their terms. Use simple language and break down complex concepts.
  • Make use of a ghostwriter if needed.
  • Create content in many different formats and make use of visuals wherever possible. This is effective because most people are visual.

It is important to understand your audience and to relate with them. When creating visual content, remember that long term relationships are more important than the casual visit to your site. Make sure that the content is engaging and that people feel like there is a need for your product or offering in their lives.