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5 Tips to Be a Better Lover

Many factors play a significant role in ensuring your relationship is on the right track. Your sex life is an essential aspect of your relationship that plays a vital role in keeping you and your partner together. We have seen most people walking out of their relationships due to lack of sexual satisfaction. Some even end up cheating to get the kind of satisfaction they need somewhere else.

You should keep your partner fully satisfied to avoid all these. Having a chat about your sex life is one of the things you can do. This will help you understand a few things about them and identify techniques like learning how to last longer to ensure your partner is satisfied fully. There are several other things you can do to become a better lover. They include:

Understand Her Sensitive Spots

You should not limit yourself to some of the usual spots when making love to your partner. Get to understand her body better to know her sensitive parts. Focusing on your partner’s most sensitive parts will quickly get her to orgasm. This is vital for total satisfaction during intimacy. It is also essential for a stronger relationship.

Take it Slow

There is no hurry when it comes to making love. Take your time to help your partner get into the mood and also reach orgasm fast. You can start with foreplay to help her get into the spirit and even reach orgasm before the actual penetration. Some foreplay techniques you can try out include neck kissing, talking dirty, playing sex games, and caressing each other. Try your best to control yourself during this period to satisfy your partner when you get to the real act.


Communication is vital when making love. It helps you understand what your partner needs or what keeps them satisfied. Ask your partner how she feels or what she needs. This will help you work on your skills to keep her satisfied. You can also start conversations to share your fantasies or different things you may prefer during foreplay. This will help you know the different things you can do to keep your partners satisfied.

Use Sex Toys

Sex toys and other props can help spice up your sex life. The good thing about sex toys is that they have different features like the vibrating effect that can get your partner to orgasm fast. Using them during foreplay will get your partner turned on quickly and help them attain full orgasm. Get to know the type of sex toys your partner is comfortable with to identify the right one.


Giving your partner the kind of focus they need is an essential aspect of lovemaking. Pay close attention to some parts of her body you consider most sensitive.  Making sure she is fully satisfied before proceeding to the real act is essential. You should also ensure both of you are involved. It should not be a one-sided affair.

Your partner will never complain when you follow all these tips.