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5 Proven Ways to fix iPhone Boot Loop Problem without Losing Data

Irrespective of various ios Softwares (ios 14/13/12) upgrade by ‘apple’ over time, iPhonebootloop problem has remained constant and this has been found with many of the Apple users. 

This error of ‘iPhonestuckinbootloop’ not only irritates you with the apple logo, blinks on your phone repeatedly but also prevents from entertaining any task on your phone until you find a firm solution to get rid of it. 

This problem commonly occurs to any iPhone, no matter for what reason and what time. you might be calling to your friend or restoring your iPhone from the previous backup. Possibly, you might have tried to switch your device again but as soon as you do so; it starts booting again.

Anyway, we have some proven iPhonebootloop hacks that we have tested and got the best solution and that you are going to interact herewith. While we are going to address the solution for you, make sure you stay tuned with the information provided here (until the end), since you will get your problem sorted by ‘hook or crook’ but guaranteed.

What Causes ‘iPhone stuck in boot loop’ Problem?

While there are multiples of the reason behind iPhonestuckinbootloop problem, but most commonly found issues that createthese situations are:

  • Software updates
  • Jailbreak ios
  • Improper working of the battery connector


The software update is a common problem causing agent for iPhone rebootloop. It is due to the halting of your software update process in the middle and sometimes even after a complete updating also, this can found and your phone starts malfunctioning.


jailbroken devices have this issue as well, so make sure you keep your device secure as much as possible. Sometimes downloading applications from unwanted and unauthorized sources results in the malfunctioning of your iPhone and your ‘iPhone keepsrestarting‘ and is stuck.


An improper connection is the other reason for the iPhoneboot loop. sometimes due to unstable or weak connection, this issue occurs at the time of updating software.

Sometimes it is due to a weaker power supply to your device. This is a common problem with older devices and that results in the ‘boot loop of the iPhone’.

What is the Solution?

While you are aware of the common causing problems by now, lets’, find out what could be the best solution for a quick response, and proveniOS System Repair scenario. We have gathered some proven methods that we have tested over time.

Wondering how ‘fix iOS system’ loop. Here are 6 Possible ways that give you the result:

Forced Rebooting of a device to fix iPhone boot loop

This is probably the simplest yet effective solution for a quick restart of your iPhone. So, simply force start your phone and sort out the solution. here are ways to restart your system with a particular model. 

iPhone 8 and later model of devices like iPhone XS(Max) or 11:

To restart these models, simply press and quickly release the volume up key and then the side key until you find your iPhone restarts.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or earlier devices:

Long press the home and wake/sleep button together for up to 10 seconds until it vibrates and breaks the reboot loop.

iPhone 7 or 7 Plus:

Simultaneously press Volume down and sleep/wake button until your phone restarts.

iPhone 8, X, 11, and 12:

Quick press volume up button and release, then volume down button and release. Finally, press the power button until you find the Apple logo appearing.

Updating iTunes to its Latest Version
sometimes, soon you update iOS using an older version of iTunes or restore your iPhone, this problem can be seen occurring. Hence, while you have tried the above method but not got the solution; try to update the latest version of you iTune irrespective of Windows or Mac.


First thing first, launch iTunes and then click on the menu bar that you can find on the top.

Then choose ‘Help’ followed by ‘check for updates’ from the available option there.

Now follow instructions and get the new version updated.


Find the apple menu and then click on the App Store.

Now click on ‘update now’ and then install the new version of iTunes if there is any version available.

Try a reliable iOS system repair Tool for fast and easy Fix.

Sometimes it is wise to go with a system repair tool that now only saves you time, makes your task easy, but also gives you an effective solution without any loss of your data and with no technical or professional experience.

While using third party software, security and reliability remain the main concern. we have used Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) over the years and got a delighting result, especially how far the iPhone reboot loopproblem is concerned.

This software is well known among iOS users and gives you an effective solution for most frequent issues such as iPhone black screen issues, phone stuck on apple logo, restarting logo, and more of this kind. Above all, without loose or damage to your data. 

Do you wish to try it for your iPhone boot loop fix by yourself? Then undoubtedly, you are making the smart decision ever.

Do you know how?

Because of its simple download and use facility where you don’t need any technical adept that too without any risk of data damage and on your mouse click.

Restore From Backup to Fix iPhone Boot Loop Problem

Do you want to get through the iPhone keepsrestartingproblem via another method? Still your iPhone keepsrestartingand leaving you irked, probably you must try it via restoring your iOS Backup.

Another thing to note is that this method might not apply to every iPhone on the row. Although this tends to be a great way to fix the iPhone boot loop, ‘it will overwrite your device’s existing data’.Anyway, once you are comfortable doing it, follow the steps below:

For Windows Users

  • First, connect your iPhone to your computer and then open iTunes.
  • Now click on the device icon (if you don’t find an icon, the means your device has not recognized the device, so first check out that).
  • Now hit the ‘Restore Backup’ button you can find on the main screen and then select the preferred backup from the window pop-up.
  • Now, hit ‘Restore’ and you are done.

Mac users Using MacOS Catalina and More

  • First, connect your Mac, either via USB or WI-Fi.
  • Now choose the device from the sidebar in Finder.
  • Now select the option ‘General’ from the button bar.
  • Finally, you have to choose the option ‘Restore Backup’ and this you can easily find on the main screen. Then hit the ‘Restore’ button and you are done.

Factory Reset your iPhone to Sort iPhone bootloop Issue

If all the effort goes in vain, the ultimate solution goes with the factory resetting of your iPhone to reboot loop. yes, the other side of it may result in the wiping of your iPhone data. But if you want the solution anyway, Here are steps below that you will have to follow:

  • First, connect lightning cable and then to your iPhone (avoid connecting the other end).
  • Now, long-press the home button while connecting your system.
  • At this point, launch iTunes on your system and place it into recovery mode.
  • Now you can find the iTunes icon on your screen. let go of your home screen. 
  • This way you have turned on the recovery mode and can restore its backup via iTunes.

 A Quick Verdict

Not every simple thing is easy, especially how it seems. WhileiPhonebootloop is a common interacted problem, very few know how to fix it effectively, especially keeping the previous data of your iOS device intact. as you have seen, even though there are a variety of solutions available, but most among them is at the cost of your iPhone data loss. Understanding the same, we have given you an alternate yet effective solution that goes with an iOS repairing tool named Dr.Fone – System Repair and gives you an easy to go yet satisfactory result without losing your data.