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5 Living Room Décor Ideas to Up Your Decorating Game

A living room is a place that is built for leisure time, from entertaining friends to family bonding, and to recharging and relaxing on your own. While design decisions such as –layout, can be largely determined by the style and size of your living room.

Therefore, the décor should be built around your lifestyle which may include  most famous artists of all time,  home cecor with paintings   and even tailored to the needs of those who use it in remaining flexible enough to accommodate your growing families and guests.

List of 5 Living Room Décor Ideas to Up Your Decorating Game

You can check out these 5 living room décor ideas that vary in personality, style, and size to get inspired on how to elevate your living room interiors:

Idea#1: Add Color with a Rainbow Rug

If you love color but face difficulty while choosing a color palette for your living room, try installing a giant rainbow rug to cover all your bases. Also, anchor your sitting area with a pair of blue armchairs, a saturated red sofa, a multicolored piece of framed art over the fireplace, and a large red wall cabinet to pull some of the colors throughout the rest of your living room.

Idea#2: Layer Textures

Adding a floor-to-ceiling window in your living area that is just as opposed to a jumble of artwork on the warm wood paneled walls will definitely make the room generously layered with texture.

You can even adds-up a patterned throw pillow, chunky knit blanket, coffee table, shelves for books and other decorative items.

Idea#3: Supersize Your Greenery

You can offer a choice of decorative accents like an oversized fiddled leaf fig tree to your living room that has a black-and-white palette and clean lines.

However, the jumble of plants always cheers up your room such as a green wall, single oversized plants, or other types of greenery that can add drama and works well in a more sophisticated or minimalist room.

Idea#4: Brighten your Walls

Adding bright multicolored pop of color in a neutral living space is an easy way to add personality and change the décor with a few well-chosen strokes like a pair of eye-catchy wall art prints mounted on simple white frames.

Idea#5: Hang Double Chandelier

If your living room is extra-large, then a single light fixture may not be enough! You should add a pair of black metal chandeliers to create visual interest. Moreover, they help to draw the eye-up to admire the exposed ceiling beams and even balance the light in the large room after dark.


Painting a single wall of your living room red adds life to a rectangular-shaped area, while a simple way to bring life to a minimalist living room is to focus on a statement piece.

You can simply add a tall pendant light above the coffee table or abstract paintings for living room and hang beautiful art to create a casually chic vibe and even adds subtle dimension and interest in the living space.

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