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5 Items to Stockpile Before the 2020 Presidential Election

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is approaching fast. As you probably already know, each election brings a wave of uncertainty and this election will be no exception. However, there are some things that are more certain than others. For instance, with the COVID-19 restrictions and closures, unemployment and evictions are on the rise, and the supply chain is starting to break down.

If you haven’t stockpiled the following items yet, now is the best time to start. We don’t know how bad the chaos will be, but no matter who wins the election, there will likely be more demonstrations, rioting, and violence. 

People are getting to the end of their rope with lockdowns and shutdowns, and the election could bring all of that frustration and anger to the surface. When that happens, you need to be prepared to stay in your home for a long period of time to avoid the chaos. Stockpiling the following items will help you be prepared.

  1. Firearms, ammunition, and parts

There’s no telling what firearms and ammunition prices will be like after the election. Currently, ammo prices have gone through the roof at more than $2 per round for certain calibers and others – like 9mm – are impossible to find.

Whatever firearms you’ve been considering purchasing, the time to buy is now. If you can’t find what you need at your local gun store, try online stores like Primary Arms for guns, ammo, and accessories. 

Get a decent amount of ammo for your guns as well. Just make sure to store your ammo safely.

  1. Food storage

There is talk of a food shortage looming around the corner due to a breakdown in the supply chain that could last a lot longer than a few months. Regardless of whether there is a shortage, having a stockpile of food is a wise move. Even if supply chains are fine, going to the grocery store during times of civil unrest can be dangerous in certain cities.

Each time you go to the store, grab a few extra canned goods, tubs of peanut butter, and boxed pasta. You don’t have to raid the store, but keep grabbing a few items with each visit until you have at least three months’ worth of food.

  1. Toilet paper and/or homemade cloth toilet paper

You saw what happened when the pandemic first started – panic buying caused grocery stores to run out of toilet paper for months. Don’t get caught unprepared where you have to fight for the last roll of TP at 7-11. Stockpile a few packages of toilet paper and don’t touch it unless you have no choice. You don’t need to hoard the toilet paper, but you should have some extra on hand.

You may not like the idea of using cloth toilet paper, but you should still have a stash of cloth squares just in case. Worst case scenario, you split your TP stash with a neighbor and you will wish you had some homemade cloth TP squares.

  1. Small things you take for granted

You know those items you run to the store to buy on no notice? You need a stockpile of those in your house so you don’t need to go out. If something small breaks or causes an inconvenience, it can feel bigger than it is in reality.

For example, what will you do if a button pops off your jeans and your local Walmart is in the middle of a violent protest? If you don’t have a belt, you can’t wear those jeans. If you don’t have another good pair of jeans, you’ll have to deal with the frustration of wearing something else.

Having a stash of pin-back replacement buttons will save you a ton of frustration and keep you safe. 

What other small things would drive you nuts if you couldn’t replace? Screw-on mason jar lids? Socks? Sunglasses? Driving gloves? Wet wipes? Hand sanitizer? Facial tissue? Don’t forget these items.

  1. Camping fuels

Whether it’s butane or propane, stock up on some camping fuel while you still can. During the first wave of panic buying, all the butane and small propane canisters vanished within days. 

If you’re relying on a gas camp stove to get you through a potential grid down scenario or power outage, make sure you have enough fuel properly stored in your home.

Stockpiling will help you avoid chaos

If there is anything you might need in the next six months or so, stockpile a good supply so you don’t have to leave your house to get anything. Stockpile now to avoid the inevitable civil unrest, riots, and the potential for violence.