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5 Designer Glasses that You ust “add to cart” right now

The new year calls for new trends. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy yourself new glasses to change your look this year, the reason is finally here. We’ve hunted down the top 5 frames that are complete beauties and that’ll be in-trend throughout 2021. 

These frames are affordable, built-in high quality, and ensure that they’re a stunning staple with your wardrobe. Watch out, these frames are also available in different colors and pattern designs, picking a single pair can get pretty tricky. 

5 Frames that are worth flaunting this year

1. Black glasses 

If you’ve committed the mistake of thinking black glasses aren’t out of the ordinary, then it’s time you take back the words. Black frames get timeless and refreshing as the years pass by. It’s the only frame that stands against the test of time, trends, and generation. At many points in our life, we’ve adored the simple and straightforward appeal of black glasses.

Forever remained the most wearable fashion glasses at any season and occasion. The recent design in black glasses celebrates its refined structure, simple yet effective colour and the stunning range.

From metallic and acetate mix to minimal black metals or super thick retro black frames, you can never get enough of black glasses. 

Now, found with ultra-modern touch and pattern, black glasses are perfect for your everyday go-to look, job interviews or for a younger appeal. Rather than choosing black glasses in plastic, opt for the metals and bio-acetate for better quality and design of glasses.

2. Subtle Cat-eye glasses

It’s hard to say no to cat-eye glasses. It’s even more difficult to resist the exquisiteness of the latest subtle cat-eye glasses. Magnificently curved, but not too much and in beautiful colours. The subtle cat-eye glasses in funky and sensual shades are a treat. 

The hidden seductive design in the subtle cat-eye glasses makes it look mysterious but utterly gorgeous. By subtle cat-eye glasses, we are talking about the cat-eyeglasses that are a mix of two shapes. But still includes the feature of cat-eye, just not to a great extent. A little angular edge and upswept features in your frames make them good for casual and fashionable days. 

Cat-eye glasses are suitable for square, oval and heart face shape. And don’t limit cat-eyes to only women, the subtle cat-eye frames also cater to men. Found in high-grade metal and lightweight bio-acetate. The glasses are a perfect mix of charm, functional design and feel extremely comfortable to spend all your day in them. Fashion without contradicting your comfort.

3. Warm Transparent

The transparent glasses are still going strong as ever. This year, it’s popular for a small but the most aesthetic distinction. Transparent glasses, mostly found in see-through crystal clear design are now available in mesmerizing warm tints. 

From almond, caramel, pink and lilac, the colours attribute a great level of beauty to any wardrobe you choose. Plus, the colours also light your face, making it more attractive and giving it a beautiful pop of colour. Less dramatic as usual but vividly stunning, the new warm transparent frame embraces warm colours like no other.

With a chic glossier finish and string architectural detailing, transparent frames are even more elegant. 

4. Rimless glasses

If you are looking for frames that are more functional than aesthetic, rimless glasses perfectly manage to do so. Simple, clean and minimally designed, rimless glasses expose your beautiful face better than the rest. If you love to wear makeup and glasses with rims are in trouble, then stick to rimless glasses that don’t hide your face.

Plus, it’s utterly comfortable to wear. The glasses don’t put any pressure on your face because of it being lightweight. With no weight and pressure, there’s a zero chance of forming scratches or marks on your face. 

If your priorities are comfort and lightweight in glasses then, rimless glasses are extremely reliable. 

5. Tortoiseshell glasses

If you are a big fan of hipster style, then tortoiseshell glasses are your perfect match. These glasses sport a bit of quirkiness, adventures and fun. Present in the mix of fiery yellow and black, the colour stands out effortlessly. You can also get tortoiseshell in a mix of different shapes, such as thick clubmaster, square or wayfarer.

The tortoiseshell colours are iconic for adding a colourful edge to the forefront and make you noticeable with those funky frames. It’s a perfect frame for when you want to let loose and have a break from your vanilla turned wardrobe. 

Stunning on both men and women, tortoiseshell glasses look impeccable on a perfect vocational outfit or holiday getaway. Adding an eye-catching, out of norm frame can completely reinvent your whole look. Plus, all tortoiseshell glasses are made out of bio-acetate, making it a lightweight, durable and sustainable alternative to other material.