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When trying to become a successful artist, you need to ensure that you are not someone who quits easily. Persistence is the key to excel in literally anything. Many artists quit too easily and they end up giving on their dreams or kill the chance of bringing something great to live. Patience is another most important thing you need to practice when striving to become a great artist. If you are not really serious about what you are working on, you may not be able to make the most out of it. You have to be disciplined, preferably have a routine to help you get into shape and keep you motivated to practice more and more with every passing day. Many great artists have achieved greatness with dedication, long working hours and not giving up. However, most importantly you need to have a passion, something which drives you and a mentor like Elizabeth Segerstrom who can train you well. Along with that, you need to:


Almost every artist has a personality which they uphold, this is to maintain discipline with your practice. Many aspiring artists give up too soon and that is a dire problem. Without having a personality you are not really able to truly identify yourself as an artist. Everything you do, such as the clothes you wear every day, your actions and reactions should all reflect the artist which is inside of you. 


So basically there is a common misconception that if you need to really get to the core of your creativity, you have to be lonely. You do not have to be lonely if you want to become a great artist, sure, you may feel the need to be lonely at times and just get away from the commotion to bring the true artist out of you. However this is not the case, but it is completely natural to isolate yourself for a while. Just do not become a loner in the process. Being lonely will turn you into someone who you really do not want to be. People like to be around happy people, not loners or depressed people. Depression is not only bad for your health but also for your creative mindset. You need to always be in practice and you need to share ideas with other fellow artists to make sure you are utilizing all the tools available to you in today’s market. So try not to be lonely and later use it as an excuse.


All great artists have this thing in common, along with many other traits. The fact that you take risks will go a long way for your artistic career. The higher the risk you take, the higher the profits and the lesser the losses. When taking risks it is almost essential to take calculated risks, do not overdo it. If you are taking calculated risks, 9 out of 10 times you will lessen the loss and enhance the profits to your own benefit. Taking risks is the best part of being an artist, you are able to make so many drastic changes to your traditional methods of creating art, using technologies to our advantage is not a bad thing, we should be utilizing all the tools available to us in today’s market to ensure that we are giving our optimum work. Your clients will love you for your efforts and the hard work you put in it. Risking will teach you a lot of new things, which will help you in the future and even with obstacles which are yet to arrive. So definitely, be open to challenges and taking risks.


Making mistakes is completely alright, you have to fail to succeed. When keeping such a mindset, it is almost impossible to be afraid of making mistakes or failing. You need to be able to tell the difference between wasting time by fretting over your past mistakes and how to use your mistakes to your advantage. If you are afraid of making mistakes, chances are, you are killing something really great before it even has a chance to grow. Playing safe is not necessarily the best approach at times. When you are open to making mistakes and failing, you grow exponentially. If you are afraid of making mistakes you are truly not living, sure you are alive but to live, that is a whole different ball game. Making mistakes can simply not be avoided. If you are afraid of making mistakes you will not grow to your fullest potential. If you fail at something, try it again and work on it until it becomes perfect and you will be satisfied with your progress. 


Many upcoming artists are easily disheartened by critiques. You need to be so open-minded, that you are able to use criticism to your own advantage rather than letting it bring you and your morale down. People at most times do not even know how to properly criticize, so it’s just better to ignore them, and their remarks. However, you should not care about what people think, mainly because everyone has an opinion and you do not have to necessarily agree with every one of them. To become a great artist you need to first accept that everyone has their own opinion and that it will not affect you at all in terms of bringing you down. If anything else, it should motivate you to work harder and it should help you to create something, never created before. Do not let other people simply walk over you with their harsh words or irrelevant criticism. If you are the type of person who gets easily offended, you probably need to rethink your strategies. Becoming a great artist is going to involve a lot of criticism, so buckle up. 


There are so many things that can be mentioned here, becoming a great artist is a really remarkable thing. All artists, especially new ones, have to stay motivated. It can be really difficult to stay motivated at times when you need it the most, if you are going through a hard time it is best to just leave your projects aside until you are in a better situation. Do not let your projects suffer due to your personal issues. Your work has to be top of the line, you have to treat your customers with respect so that they feel good when buying from you. Be positive about your work or the project you are working on, the easiest way of doing this would be to have enough positivity in you, to back you up when you need it the most.