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4 Common Pool Dangers a Pool Service Can Help With

As much fun as having a pool can be, for children and for adults, there are some dangers, both in immediate risks and in terms of what can happen when a pool is not properly cleaned and maintained. Keeping everyone safe is one of the many good reasons for hiring a pool service in Turnersville or where you are, makes a lot of sense. Here are four common pool dangers you need to avoid.

  1. Aging pools and decks with a lot of algae – When algae develops on the surfaces around the pool this gets very slippery and is very dangerous especially when it gets wet. Each year you or your pool service in Haddonfield need to pressure wash the deck and other surfaces to reduce chances of people slipping and being injured. Deck owners should think about adding silica sand to the concrete sealer so that the surface becomes safer to walk on.
  2. Water quality control is essential – If the water in a pool is not kept clean and at the right level for chemicals bacteria can form and this a breeding ground for the harmful kind. These can lead to disease and infections particularly in the eyes, ears, nose, and throat, but also the skin, and potentially others. A pool service in Turnersville or anywhere will notice changes in the water and maintain it to a much higher level of cleanliness than many owners do when they chose to do it themselves. Keeping the water cleaned and maintained properly is keeping pool users safe.
  3. Electrical issues – Everyone should know that electricity and water are not a good mix, therefore when it comes to things like lighting, the pump and anything else electrical in or around the pool they need to be done to high standards. They also need to be maintained as repairs may be needed.
  4. Pool ladders and stairs – These are a place a lot of people injure themselves and that is sometimes because something comes loose, or there is not enough definition for users to see where the next step is. Use colored tiles to make the step edges show up in the pool and at night have under pool lighting that allows users to see where they are going. Loose rails and ladders are something a pool company in Medford can check. You should not ignore a ladder that shifts when people use it to get in and out. It is a safety concern.


There are of course of dangers to having a pool, so as well as considering the above common concerns, you should also consider what else you can do to make it as safe as possible. There are a lot of injuries, accidents and sadly even deaths each year from pool use, from inadequate fencing, slippery decks, chemicals out where children could get to them and so on. Having a pool will be great fun and exercise for everyone, but do what you have to so that everyone stays safe.