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3 Reasons Being House Proud Is Actually Good For Overall Happiness

One in 3 homeowners in the U.K. admitted to spending about 493 hours cleaning per year to keep homes in tip-top conditions,  according to The Sun. Keeping your home clean inside out all the time can be challenging and time-consuming. But for house proud individuals, it is a fun way of passing free time while improving the home’s aesthetics.
House-proud individuals know that the home is a sanctuary and a reflection of your unique personality. When you keep your house clean, you give visitors a first good impression of yourself. Besides, there are simple tips for  ensuring effortless house cleaning, so you can maintain clean spaces all the time. Here is why being house proud is beneficial for your overall happiness.

Feel Less Stressed

As odd as it sounds,  maintaining clean space improves mental clarity and overall health. When your house is full of clutter, you’re likely to experience brain fog. Disorganization also triggers negative moods and in some cases depression because you’re subconsciously being reminded of unfinished tasks.
Furthermore, finding something in a pile of clutter is daunting and time-consuming. By adopting cleaning habits like proud homeowners, you can rest assured of reduced stress and anxiety, and improved mood.   

Get Rid of Germs

While it is true keeping a clean house is tedious, it is beneficial for your health. Clean spaces leave little room for germs and bacteria to grow. Regular house cleaning kills sick-causing germs that tend to thrive on surfaces, especially the floors.
If you’re a proud house owner, you probably own the latest floor cleaning tools.  Buying a steam mop, for instance, increases your chances of getting rid of germs that sit on hardwood, vinyl, cork, and laminate floors. Some steam mops come with features that remove germs and stubborn stains on upholstery and bedding.

Reduce the Risk of Allergies  

Living in untidy spaces does not only cause stress but also trigger allergic reactions. This is because carpeting, bedding, and upholstery accumulate dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and molds. These allergens degrade air quality in your home and cause asthma, flu, and other respiratory conditions, which make life unbearable for your entire family. However, deep cleaning your house at least every week is a sure way of  improving indoor air quality.
Aside from dusting and vacuuming, many proud homeowners spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, sealing gaps under doors to keep dust and pests from entering the house. They also change AC filters and invest in air purifiers to eliminate allergens and improve the quality of life.
Being house proud entails inspecting every part of the home to determine which areas need cleaning and maintenance services. During a routine inspection, homeowners also identify potential hazards that may affect their safety and security.
When you’re aware of risks like bush fires, floods, and theft, you can invest in the right home insurance policies. You may also splurge on automated security systems to make sure your home is safe.