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2021 Employee Engagement Statistics to Impact A Manager’s Role

Employee engagement is an indispensable element of your business. Employee engagement management software is a cost-effective way to simplify organizational functions such as insights, reports, and consultations. We comprehend that every company needs a streamlined workflow to ensure that managers and supervisors are on the same page.

On the other hand, HRIS software for small business and bigger organizations are also emphasizing employee engagement, and all help in various administrative functionalities. Apart from this, HR software also improves employee job satisfaction and helps in retaining new talents in the organization.  Apart from this when you implement employee engagement management softwareit will also engage the company’s objective and value to understand the process from the employer’s perspective. Through this employees will be more committed, fruitful, and productive. 

Apart from this, if you are someone who is into manager role or subject matter expert then trust us, 2021 has a wide range of ideas for you. Amid the covid pandemic, employee engagement is also getting in trend to run in the limelight.

What Is Employee Engagement In Organizations?

Employee engagement is the resilience of an employee’s rational and emotional linkage to their job, their in-teams, and their organization. Apart from this, employee engagement estimates how your workforce feels concerning their workplace. On the other hand, employees are divided into four significant groups based on their observations of their workplace. 

Employee engagement refers to an employee’s emotional bond to their organization, which influences their behaviors and level of effort in work-related activities. It is basically a strategy for planning an ideal workplace environment where the workforce cares about their work.

There are various ways in which employee engagement can be seen such as it is a strong and long-term attachment to the organization. Apart from this, employees who are engaged perform more efficiently, whereas a satisfied workforce tends to sail through their work and experience.

What Is Manager’s Role In Employee Engagement?

It has been seen that managers are piled up with expectations from the management and as a result, they get extreme burnout and less productivity. Managers’ role is vital as they offer productivity, motivation, and empathy in the team to drive innovation along with productivity. Therefore, managers are responsible for employee engagement and satisfaction. Whenever the manager is not able to perform better, the whole team has to suffer. There are various segments that the manager represents and they are as follows: 

  • Your manager is an efficient allocator of your team or company
  • Your manager has strong human resource skills and capabilities. 
  • Your manager should be an informational role. It is also important to attain an effective public speaker.
  • Your manager should be smart enough to handle interpersonal roles. It involves being someone who can be relied on to commence.
  • Your manager should commend technical skills. 
  • Your manager should be smart enough to share his thoughts in a concise and crisp way. 

In the next section, we shall discuss the 2021 employee engagement statistics that can impact a manager’s role in the enterprise software developmentcompany.  

Employee Engagement Statistics For 2021 To Impact Manager’s Role

  • Almost 68 percent of millennials value a broad and adaptable workplace environment.

If you want to attract and retain the millennials it is important to offer a positive work environment along with perfect ground to offer the base. It is encouraged to further when companies and their senior management teams are diversified. Furthermore, new talents are more delighted by working environments that provide greater versatility.

Your Manager’s Role-  In the current scenarios millennials’ diversity, incentives, and inclusion programs are considered as the important aspect of the organization. Apart from this, it is also important to give a flexible work culture along with offering better work timings. 

  • 13% of the workforce agree that their performance evaluations motivate them to improve and develop their skills 

It has been observed that almost 2 out of 10 employees believe that their performance reviews are accurate, rest feels injustice. It is important to implement a better performance management system to recognize the potential of every employee at the workplace. These systems are accurate and automated, even employees can check their reports and insights. They can also focus on the result basis on their skills, competencies, and abilities. As far as negative feedback, it offers a way of improvement for the employees and they strive hard to perform even better. 

Your Manager’s Role- manager can proceed forward with a performance review once every six months, reassessing an employee’s performance on the basis of priorities, goals, and objectives is vital. It is also crucial to understand the employee’s expectations in the right way, hence make sure you are considering them with time and resources for your workforce. 

  • According to 30 percent of employees, if they are not getting benefits packages, they will look for another job. They prefer employee benefits over salary.

According to the latest survey, almost 30% of employees are preferring a job with suitable employee benefits. Due to this, many companies are now focusing on helping their employees with benefits programs as it is a proven tool to retain employees and also to attract top-performers to the organization. Apart from this, employee benefits packages also boost employee engagement and morale. If your company is offering better benefits plans in the market, it will offer competitive advantages 

Your Manager’s Role-  managers can create strategic and appealing benefits plans to support their team in order to attain overall success. It is also vital for the managers to make sure their team is understanding the monetary value of every benefit they are receiving from the company. You can also ensure that your team is getting flexibility when it comes to participating in benefits plans. 

Final Words

Therefore it is crucial to focus on employee engagement to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Managers should also focus on building a team along with staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. We have jotted down the basics of employee engagement along with the top three statistics that are floating around in the current market. If you are someone who is from the management team and reading this article, make sure to consider time and resources for your employees in order to help them achieve their desired goals and objectives. 

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