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12 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

What means a healthy pregnancy? There are certain things to be considered to nourish and for healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy is when both the mother as well the baby to be taken care. All gives pregnancy tips on eating, sleeping, etc which all can be sometimes tiresome for all. However, it is very important that you followright tips in regard diet, fitness and healthy lifestyle. They help you in going into easy labour and health of the baby.

Here are those 12 tips that helps you in having a healthy pregnancy:

  1. Plan ahead

Start getting healthy before you plan to become pregnant. Start by taking multivitamin medicines, folic acid is very necessary. You can take Vitamin B that helps in preventing neural tube defects. Have a pre-conception check-up also. See the doctor and the medication you take are safe for pregnancy. You can ask for conducting a text of sexually transmitted infections and female fertility test. Check the immunization are done correctly and if you have any health problem or infection treat it properly before. If you are alcoholic and do smoking, it is better to stop it before you become pregnant.

  1. Prenatal Vitamin

Even after you get pregnant continue eating those vitamins daily. They help in the development of neural cord that turns into spinal cord and brains in the first month itself. Therefore, nutrients are very essential for a healthy pregnancy throughout like calcium, folic acid and iron.Most of these drugs are available at drug stores or doctorprescribe you.

  1. Support

Emotional and practical support plays a crucial role in staying healthy and avoids prenatal depression and anxiety. The circle must include your husband, family members, close friends and a doctor. Continuous support while labor is shown to lower that the mother needs less pain medication and the risk of interventions like caesarean means will have more satisfying delivery. Have a sympathetic caretaker but have the support of family too.

  1. Eating whole foods

Food gives energy to our body. Nourishing foods are whole foods, whatever you eat goes directly to your baby. So, what you eats matters a lot during the pregnancy, think about that. It is not same as what you regularly do because the things you eat directly affects your baby. The building blocks of the body of baby comes from the food what you eat.

Try to eat those foods which are close to its natural state if possible. Means more of fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits, grass fed, free range and eggs, organic meals, poultry products, clean fish, filter water and lots more. When you eat foods that are in natural state ensures you get highest nutritional content. These whole foods contain most of the naturally occurring vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and others. Eating these foods help you and the baby to be away from unwanted chemicals like antibiotics, preservatives, synthetic nutrients, synthetic hormones and other addictives.

  1. Exercise

To stay active is another important thing needed for a better pregnancy. It helps in your general health, reduces mental stress, improves circulation, controls weight, boost mood and get better sleep.

  1. Lifestyle change

Try to sleep early and follow regular bedtime routine for best lifestyle choices.

  1. Food Hygiene

Use thoroughly used utensils only and keep your hands clean.

  1. Stay safe

Injuries can lead to serious health issue while pregnancy. Try to be careful while travelling. If there is any complication in your pregnancy try avoiding long distance travelling.

  1. Check weight gain

Overweight mothers have greater risk of getting complications in the pregnancy like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. A normal weight gain is necessary during pregnancy. Gaining too much weight make it difficult in losing it later.

  1. Drink water

Drinking water is very important from the early stage of pregnancy to the end.

  1. Educate Yourself

Even if you are going to have your first or second baby, you can attend child birth classes. It helps you in getting prepared for the delivery.

  1. Call doctor in emergency

In first time pregnancy, you can be little confusing. Call gynaecologist London whenever needed.

Summary: These are tips you can follow for a healthy pregnancy. They help you in the following health till childbirth.

Resource: Do female fertility test while planning to have a baby. Take proper care of your health then half of the thing is done. Keep your mind clear and do not take emotional stress during pregnancy.