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10 Things I Love About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city. It is known to several people as the “Venice of the North’. The reason for that name is because this city has several waterbodies like canals in it, on which you can take a boat ride. These canals really make a huge impact n the tourists as they are one of the best things about Amsterdam.  These canals have lovely bridges over them, as there are hundreds of museums and parks that you can visit here in Amsterdam. Before you hop on a boat tour in the canals or start exploring the city, store you luggage away with LuggageHero and enjoy every minute of your trip to the fullest! If you’re a tourist if you’re wondering what to do in Amsterdam, here’s a list of things that you can try in Amsterdam:

  1. ANNE FRANK’ S HOUSE: This is one of the top places that you should visit in Amsterdam. It has a great historical and literary significance.
  2. ALBERT CUYP MARKET: It is one of the biggest markets in Amsterdam, famous for its number of stalls which range over 260 and is open from Monday to Saturday.
  3. THE VONDELPARK: The Vondelpark is one of best outdoor spaces in Amsterdam. It is a great, albeit a little busy, park to enjoy with your family and friends.
  4. DE BAKERSWINKKEL: This is one of the most famous bakeries in Amsterdam, perfect for breakfast, snacks lunch and dinner. You can find no better bakery in all of Amsterdam. A must try!
  5. HOTEL SOFITEL THE GRAND: It is one of the most beautiful hotels in all of Amsterdam. This hotel has a grand infrastructure and amazing service, making it one of the best hotels around here. The price for staying in this hotel is 250 euros per night.
  6. RESTAURANT C-TASTE: This is an amazing restaurant that offers you to experience food in complete darkness. It takes adventure dining and dating to a whole new level for each and every customer of its. If you want to try something different for a first date, this is the restaurant you choose for it.
  7. NEMO SCIENCE CENTRE: The Nemo Science Centre in Amsterdam is one of the greatest technological museum in the country. It helps students to see the practical uses of the different science, namely physics chemistry and biology. They have amazing infrastructure and great labs where real science experiments take place. It really is a cool place to check out.
  8. THE CANAL CRUISE IN AMSTERDAM: Amsterdam is famous for its 165 canals, and over 1700 bridges and 2500 boats. This is one of the best things to do here in Amsterdam. You can take a boat ride or split it with a museum, or simply enjoy fine dining and drinking on this boat. It’s up to you.
  9. HOUSE OF BOLS: The world’s oldest place for distilled spirits, the House of Bols is here in Amsterdam, which offers you a great experience visiting and exploring it. This place was built in 1575, making it old and historical as well.
  10. HELICOPTER FLIGHT OVER AMSTERDAM: The best thing to do in Amsterdam is try a helicopter flight over the city. You can enjoy the aerial view of the city which matches no other experience.

These were the top ten things to do in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is a great place to take a vacation in, and you can enjoy it most by trying the 10 best activities around here.