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10 Quirky Marijuana-Infused Beauty Products

Marijuana (and marijuana-based products) is now legal in some form in more than half of U.S. states, and the industry is thriving. But the market has gone way beyond the strains themselves, with companies keen to showcase their innovation at every given opportunity.

The realization that cannabis has therapeutic, skin-healing qualities as a topical helped form the marijuana beauty market, and customers are spoiled for choice. Without further ado, let’s check out ten marijuana-based beauty products that are flying off the shelves.

1. CannaLotion

RXCannaCare is the brains behind CannaLotion, a genuinely remarkable lotion infused with CBD crystals for
amplified therapeutic effects, see more to increase awareness. Amethyst, Citrine, and Quartz crystals are used
in this RXCannaCare lotion, and these provide an energizing lift. CannaLotion contains 20mg CBD and is
produced entirely organically with only the finest natural ingredients.

2. Cannamour’s day/night oil 

Cannamour’s day/night oil is loaded with 150mg of CBD for therapeutic relaxation. CBD helps slow the aging process, and regular application of this oil can prevent or reduce wrinkles and fine lines. CBD’s skin-healing properties are useful for tackling acne and other frustrating skin complaints.

3. High-Biscus medical body lotion 

This cannabis-infused lotion from High Gorgeous boasts an impressive 100mg THC/THCA content. High-Biscus is packed with floral terpenes that leave a delightful scent on your body. Treat localized aches and pains with this analgesic medical lotion.

4. Lip RX

CAUSE+MEDIC has manufactured a fascinating CBD chapstick called the Lip RX. Fairly potent with 100mg active CBD, this beauty product consists of hemp seed oil. What’s more, the company makes a kind-hearted gesture to all customers, promising to donate $1 from each purchase to their chosen charitable cause.

5. Urban Decay’s Big Fatty mascara

This mascara from Urban Decay is good enough to rival any on the market. Manufactured using emulsifying hemp seed oil, Big Fatty mascara is easy to apply and is sure to give your lashes a smooth and attractive finish.

6. Nice Buns cellulite treatment

Nice Buns promises to remove cellulite and leave you with a tighter, toned bottom. This High Gorgeous product comes with 100mg THC, so will get you pretty high – getting in shape and baked at the same time, what’s not to love?

7. OCC lip tar 

Give your lips a marijuana twist with this hemp oil-based lip tar. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Lip Tar is available in a variety of gorgeous colors and contains vitamin C. The hemp oil promotes smooth-looking, delectable lips.

8. 420 Buzzy Bath Bombs

If you love relaxing with CBD bath salts by CBD genesis in your bubble bath, you’ll be pleased to know that MJA
& Marlotion have developed a marijuana bath bomb to get high in the process. Marijuana is infused into
coconut oil to make 420 Buzzy Bath Bombs. Many enjoy baths for their pain-relieving sensations – these bath
bombs will take that experience to a whole new level.

9. Canna Therapy anti-aging BIO cream

Canna Therapy doesn’t contain any psychoactive THC, but it is made with Hemplucid. This BIO cream has anti-aging traits that keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant by encouraging the growth of new skin cells and helps clear out the old. Canna Therapy is non-aggressive, so it can be liberally applied to even sensitive skin.

10. Dope in Your Soap 

Yes, you can now get high with soap! The appropriately-named Dope In Your Soap product first appeared on Etsy and, like many of the beauty products featured, is made with hemp seed oil. This cannabis soap promotes healthy, glowing skin and helps to relieve pent up stress – a long, relaxing hot bath with Dope in Your Soap sounds a perfect plan. The bars are fully customizable, with several colors and scents available.