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10 Happening Things Students Accommodation Can Encourage Freshers

Over the past few years, Australia has emerged as a world-leader in high-class education facilities. Kids from all over the globe pride themselves upon their admission in prestigious Australian institutes such as the UNSW Sydney, University of Melbourne, to name a few among our 37 high-ranked educational facilities.

However, apart from education, a student’s overall experience at a university is influenced by other factors such as accommodation, living expenses, etc. While the senior college students get accustomed to living away from home, this may be quite a change for the new joiners. The freshers, especially the ones from foreign lands, comprise a large population of students studying in Australian universities. So, as an owner of student accommodation, here are a few things that you could do to make sure freshers feel right at home in your facility:

1) Recreational Area:

While a simple foosball table in the hall also works, let us spice things up a little. Shall we! Throw in some guitars, a bookshelf loaded with authors of all genres – something for everyone!

2) An in-house gymnasium/ pool:

If you want to go all out on making it a homely space, throw in comfy sofas and a lot of indoor games as well. Moreover, you could utilize generous spaces and convert them into in-house gymnasium or swimming pools, to further become the most happening place and attract more students.

3) Special nights:

Help your so-occupants/tenants feel more at home. Get them out of their rooms for special dumb charades Friday night or a karaoke Thursday. Involve team games into your specials, and create possibilities of new friendships and memories.

4) Exciting Menu:

The last place a student likes to have their meals is their hostel or PG’s cafeteria mess. Ironic that most students’ accommodations strive to make them feel home and yet, have a reputation for neglecting food choices! With more diet awareness, some freshers may be vegan, vegetarian or may even prefer a keto diet. It always helps to update your knowledge and offer the best variety. The more choices and cultures you accommodate, the better your accommodation gets!

5) Cultural days:

Considering Australia has a lot of foreigners coming in to pursue higher education, this could be a warm progressive approach towards making your place a home for all. Decide on a cultural theme for the month, and have one day dedicated to celebrating the culture via their dances, songs, food, and more.

6) Welcome Tour of the city:

What better way to ditch the stereotypical landlord-tenant relation! Get to know your student family’s newest additions up close. You could offer to give them a free walking tour of the city or at the very least, recommend them the hot spots for youth. You will get to bond and understand your future co-occupants or tenants, while also striking a good first impression.

7) Internet-friendly:

A free and fast WiFi is what every fresher deems ideal, however, that’s not all. You should provide your correct contact details on different rental platforms so that it is easy to find the property and better yet, contact you. Students these days use platforms such as Iglu to find rental spaces for themselves, and listing your property on such well-known websites could help.

8) Online contests:

Safe to say, anyone beyond their 20s is glued on their phone. Hook them on your social media platforms via exciting selfie contests, quizzes, etc. Winners could be rewarded via hampers, coupons or it could be something as simple but important as deciding the menu for a day. This would not only spice things up for the students but also help you grow your social media.

9) Location attributes:

How well-connected is the area of accommodation? Not just by public transport, but in the immediate vicinity how well connected is the area to facilities such as hospitals, cinema halls etc? These are important criteria for students to select a final home for themselves. While you may not be able to change the location of your land, you could make use of any landmarks around to help them get a clear picture of the location.

10) Basic amenities:

Last but not least, let us not ignore the basics while getting the “happening” quotient up. Ensure there is a power backup, 24*7 security, constant water supply, and food supply for ease of living.